Friday, November 25

Iratus: Lord of the Dead, free on GOG • Console and Dashboard

Iratus: Lord of the Dead was born from the union of efforts between Unfrozen and Daedalic Entertainment. The genre of dungeon exploration has one of its highest representatives in it.

We not only have to fight with the power of a necromancer, but build an underground lair and investigate to conquer good and ultimately reign. It is available for free at GOG.


Iratus will have to raise his allies from the dead and create new ones, such as zombies and banshees, among many others, being a total of 19 different types. A necromancer is not a soldier, but a bone welder. With our army of the undead, we will have to kill every mercenary and hero who dares to enter our lair. This will grow little by little, with its improvements.

Exploration is part of this game, when it comes to increasing our underground domains. We can take more ground as we discover it. We will be evil and not good, as we are used to. A) Yes, every enemy fallen in combat will be one more of ours.

The plot is completed with a tree of talents to discover. It expands on alchemy, magic, rage, and destruction. As in all titles in the genre, the difficulty levels are key to improving the experience. It is not for less, since we will have very marked and distinguishable difficulty scales.

The graphics used by the adventure are in two dimensions, although detailed, which combine with a gloomy and gloomy atmosphere. Can be downloaded Limited Time on PC, using GOG. Once we link it to our account, it will be ours forever.

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