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Historical! Apple is the first company to reach a value of $ 3 trillion | Levelup

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There is no doubt that Apple’s history in the technology industry is very interesting. It has not always been the preferred company in the market, but in recent years and precisely after the explosion in popularity of the iPhone, the company has achieved a privileged place in the preference of consumers and today reaffirmed its position as the most valuable company the world by reaching a record number.

The giant Cupertino technology company started the New Year, 2022, in the best way, since on January 3, 2022 it was announced that the company exceeded the value of $ 3 billion dollars in the stock market. In Anglo-Saxon places this equates to 3 trillion dollars; In other words, Apple is already worth $ 3,000,000,000,000 USD.

The company had reached a valuation of $ 1 trillion in 2018 and the $ 2 trillion mark was broken until 2020. Both times, the technology company had been the first to reach such figures and it is common for it to remain in the first place worldwide.

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Apple left Microsoft behind and hit the $ 3 trillion mark for the first time

However, months ago we informed you that Microsoft snatched the top spot from it momentarily when it reached $ 2.49 trillion, while Apple fell slightly behind with $ 2.46 trillion. Although Microsoft had taken the lead in the race to $ 3 trillion, Apple was expected to retake command and be the first company to do so, and it did. Microsoft, for its part, started the year with a value of $ 2.5 trillion, far behind Apple.

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According to information from THE WORLD, Apple is already worth twice the GDP (gross domestic product) of Spain and Portugal together or 10 times the GDP of Chile (according to the analyst and writer Axel Kaiser) or 2.5 times the GDP of Mexico (according to the specialist Rodrigo Pacheco).

It is important to say that later this day, January 2, the value of Apple fell a little below 3 trillion dollars, but it is expected that later this value will recover and increase it as the year progresses.

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