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Halo Infinite Speedrunner Beats the Game in Under 30 Minutes

A skilled gamer manages to speed up the Halo Infinite campaign in less than 30 minutes just a few weeks after the game’s full launch.

After waiting more than 6 years for a new main line aura game, fans can finally experience the next Master Chief adventure in Infinite Halo. Taking place in Zeta Halo, many players have enjoyed taking down the enemy faction known as the Outcasts into the shoes of the Master Chief. While an average game of the Infinite Halo The campaign takes about 8-10 hours to complete, some are discovering ways to win the game much faster through speedrunning.

Speedrunning has been a part of gaming for decades. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that players are already trying to beat Infinite Halo in blazingly fast times just a few weeks after the game’s release. Since its release on December 8, players have already found ways to finish the game in less than an hour. However, a gamer took it to the next level during a speedrun attempt on January 2.

Recently, a sprinter known as Sasquatch managed to set a new record time for Halo Infinite. After a successful attempt, they managed to complete the game’s campaign in 29 minutes and 49 seconds. This incredible performance made history as the first completed sprint race for Infinite Halo in less than 30 minutes. Before Sasquatch set this race of under 30 minutes, Cryphon set the previous record time. For comparison, Cryphon completed the game in 30 minutes and 31 seconds.

It’s worth noting that this Sasquatch speed record was achieved in the Any% easy category. However, this shouldn’t detract from this impressive feat, as the speedrunner needed a near-perfect run to break the previous record time. To achieve this record time, they relied heavily on the new Grapple Shot skill introduced in Infinite Halo. Throughout the race, the speedrunner used the claw to cover great distances very quickly and at the same time managed to dodge the banished forces. Also, they found multiple Spartan Cores along the way to upgrade the Grapple Shot.

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In addition to using Grapple Shot, Sasquatch benefited from a number of flaws in Infinite Halo to speed up progression. By utilizing these glitches, the speedrunner missed large segments of history. As a result, they reached the end much faster than normal.

It will be interesting to see how long Sasquatch takes as players continue to discover new routes and potential glitches. Many other sprinting runners are likely to attempt to break this record in the coming days. However, being the first to beat the Infinite Halo campaign in less than 30 minutes is an impressive achievement.

Infinite Halo It is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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