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Haaland relives the war Real Madrid – Barcelona

Real Madrid and Barcelona Or what is the same Florentino Prez and Joan Laporta They go hand in hand on many issues, but they are close enemies in sports and they know it. It is true that there is respect between clubs and leaders, but when the objectives are the same, the battle of a lifetime reappears. And now with Erling Haaland that ‘war’ is relived in a fierce way.

From Dortmund they demand the player making a decision before the end of this January, a fact that may precipitate some movements of the two Spanish clubs. Will you move in the rest of the greats of Europe? The Norwegian’s decision is clear and wants to play in LaLiga.

Ask Laporta about Haaland: “Everything is possible”

One is calculating, cold, and likes to perform operations in a more discreet way. The other is more risky, he does not hide his letters and now shows them again in public, as he did last Monday at the presentation of Ferran Torres, that’s with mixed messages. He has met twice with Mino Raiola and both have been published with a slight delay.

From Real Madrid they talk about the priority of closing the agreement with Mbapp to later think of Haaland, but they assume that there is no time to waste and that the possibility of seeing the two together It is very worthwhile, no matter how much Mino Raiola intervenes in the operation.

Dortmund CEO confirms Madrid’s interest in Haaland

The Barça president knows that the Catalan entity must recover the ground lost in recent years, but he also knows that Real Madrid is ahead in many matters, starting with sports and ending with economics, a key argument to be able to build a competitive team. They go hand in hand in the matter of Superliga and in the management of LaLiga in many aspects, but now they are rivals and they assume it.

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The typical being willing to do anything fits perfectly with what they think for him. New Camp. The maximum Barça president, as reported by MARCA, has nightmares with the possibility of seeing Mbapp, Vinicius and Haaland at Real Madrid. He knows it will be a near-fatal blow and has made it known to everyone around him. In fact the order has been clear: “You have to sell, even to heavyweights.”

Haaland’s thing is bestial: the day he does not score … he assists like this after a sidereal ‘broken’ to his marker

Real Madrid, on the other hand, is moving stealthily in this operation by the Norwegian forward. He wanted to stay a bit on the sidelines for avoiding an auction, But they know it’s time to act In fact, they have already spoken with Borussia Dortmund and with Mino Raiola. You already know the order for next season: “Money for the lead“.

Unlike what happens in Barcelona, ​​the white club has no need to sell, to lighten the salary mass. In fact, the outputs of Isco, Bale and Marcelo they will allow more possibilities for a club that has a margin of maneuver of more than about 300 million euros when it comes to player salaries.

Javier Tebas He was very sincere days ago about the future of Haaland and Mbapp: “I hope so, that Mbapp and Haaland end up in Real Madrid or in some Spanish team. Real Madrid has the capacity to, with the management it has done, have both players if you want“.

It is clear that he likes Spain: Haaland said goodbye to the year in a discotheque in Marbella

“I think that signing Haaland in the summer is very complicated for Barcelona, ​​many circumstances will have to be met apart from the agreement with CVC. There are the numbers they presented and to recover those losses and have a good salary limit you have to do a lot of things. The CVC issue will help, that’s for sure, “said the LaLiga president.

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