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Gutenberg, one of the surprises of Essen in Spanish by Ingenio Games

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The publisher Ingenio Games has announced the publication of Gutenberg, the game designed by Polish authors Katarzyna Cioch and Wojciech Wiśniewski and edited last year by Granna.

Gutenberg is a eurogame designed for 1 to 4 players, with a recommended age from 10 years and with games of a variable duration that ranges between 60 and 120 minutes.

Players take the role of the pioneers of the printing press in the 15th century, fulfilling the orders, they will build their wealth and fame. They will have to improve their printing shops and by obtaining the support of patrons, they will develop their production capacity. The game will be won by the one with the greatest recognition and wealth.

Gutenberg and the printing press, the invention that revolutionized human knowledge.

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Over 6 rounds, players will bid by secretly placing cubes on their initiative board to determine the order of players – actions are performed in descending order of markers.

These actions allow you to create new orders, buy ink, develop your specialties or improve your printing press. The last action allows players to take a patronage card when they meet its requirements or, when they do not meet them, they can choose one of the available rewards, such as an extra order, ink, money or specialty.

Once players are ready to take actions, they earn money, points, and other rewards by fulfilling orders: Players are required to own the represented card tokens, but keep them for future rounds, while the ink tokens are spent and are returned to the bag. Also, they can get additional rewards when some of their specialties are developed up to a certain level.

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Gutenberg board game cover

At the end of the sixth round, players receive bonus points for collected patronage cards, honors developed to level 4 or higher, and money left over. The player who has managed to develop the most famous workshop will be the winner.

The game has been co-created by the designer Katarzyna Cioch and the author Wojciech Wiśniewski. Both have already collaborated in the cooperative party game PARTYtura.

Ingenio Games plans to launch Gutenberg in Spanish during the month of February or March of this year.

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