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Gorogoa, Olija y The Pedestrian se añaden a Xbox Game Pass y PC Game Pass

Microsoft has added three games to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. This is the acclaimed puzzle game Gorogoa, from the entertaining and colorful adventure of platforms and action Olija, and from the original and particular puzzle platforms The Pedestrian. All of them can be played from this Tuesday, January 4, 2022 at PC, Xbox One y Xbox Series X/S.

Gorogoa It is the least recent (its initial launch on PC was in 2017), but it is probably the best of them all. This is a short and unique game based on align vignettes to create new images. “As soon as you like puzzles, Gorogoa it is simply essential. It’s an amazing game from start to finish, who knows constantly surprising and give you an indescribable sense of satisfaction every time it all fits together, “we said in the review.

Olija is a platform adventure and lateral development action that stands out especially for its precious pixel art and by a magic harpoon that allows the protagonist to teleport. In our criticism we said: “This is a simple and straightforward adventure, of only four or five hours, that is not repeated, that is always introducing small new ideas, and that entertains until the end “.

Finally, The Pedestrian is a title of platforms and puzzles that stands out for its original visual premise: in sequence shot, photorealistic scenes of a city are traveled while the puppet we drive goes from one signal to another (warning signs, blueprints, a bar board) after we have moved and connected them correctly. “The Pedestrian It is a title that any fan of puzzles should try “, we concluded in the analysis.

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The games that will leave Game Pass on January 16

Desperados III, Pandemic: The Board Game, Mount & Blade: Warband, Ghost of a Tale (PC) and YIIK: A Postmodern RPG (PC) will leave the service on January 16, 2022. Likewise, on January 12, they will no longer be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox Game Pass because the game will be free to play from that day on.

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