Wednesday, December 7

Genshin Impact introduces its new character: Shenhe, ‘a crane in the wild’

miHoYo has published today the demo of Shenhe, the new character to join Genshin Impact in the next game update. Be available next to the give 2.4, baptized with the name of ‘Fleeting Iridescence’, and its launch is scheduled for tomorrow, January 5, on PS5, PS4, PC, iOS and Android. Today we were able to see this new character in motion and learn a little more about his combat skills.

Shenhe be a character from five stars He not only fights with the power of Cryo, but also increases the Damage of Cryo inflicted by his teammates. His Elemental Skill can also increase the damage of the Elemental Skill and Ultimate Skill of nearby team members, as well as the damage of their Normal, Descending, and Charged Attacks. Below you can see the demo in a new trailer of Genshin Impact:

Other new features of version 2.4 of Genshin Impact

The new update of Genshin Impact will bring with it the annual Litue festival, the Rite of the Lantern, with its usual and abundant rewards, the possibility of obtaining a free four-star Liyue character and even the Jade Chamber, destroyed in the previous Archon mission. There will also be special news, such as the discovery of Enkanomiya, the remains of a huge floating island located under the ocean that has been sealed for thousands of years under Inazuma.

In this new region, new puzzle mechanics related to the artificial sun will be introduced, as well as new enemies Among which we will find the Dredgers of the Depths, who live in the dark waters of Enkanomiya, or The Bard of the Abyss, who can launch Pyro attacks that inflict bursts of delayed damage regardless of the shield.

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All of this will be available on January 5 in update 2.4 from Genshin Impact, which is freely available on PS5, PS4, PC, iOS, and Android. For more information, we recommend that you have on hand our guide.

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