Friday, December 9

Games Workshop Founder & Former President of Eidos Named Knight

Ian Livingstone, the fantasy writer and entrepreneur who cofund Games Workshop, has received the knight’s title on the Queen’s Honors List published annually by the British Government. At list It is specified that whoever President and CEO of Eidos Interactive who received the honor for his “services to the online video game industry”.

Livingstone got his start in the video game industry in the early 1990s doing design work at the publisher Domark, which in 1995 was acquired by Eidos Interactive. A decade later the company was bought by the British SCi, and it was at this time that the writer obtained the role of director of product acquisition, ensuring the sagas Tomb Raider Y Hitman, in addition to collaborating in the project of Tomb Raider: Anniversary. When Square Enix acquired Eidos in 2009, Livingstone was promoted to President for Life, a position he left in 2013.

The businessman founded in the mid-1970s Games Workshop with John Peake and Steve Jackson. The company gained popularity as the European publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, and subsequently achieved great success with Warhammer 40.000, Warhammer Fantasy and other board games with miniatures, as well as by the magazine White Dwarf (where the writer was editor). Livingstone was not directly involved in those games, but he was involved in creating the book-style mix. choose your own adventure with board game Fighting Fantasy.

The present: Sumo Group and investments for the creators of Fall Guys

Over the past few years, the British have continued involved in video game and board game companies. It is currently part of Sumo Group (Sumo Digital’s parent company) and Hiro Capital, a venture capital firm focused on video games, the metaverse, e-sports, web 3.0, and gamified fitness. Also in September 2021 he founded the Livingstone Academy to support digital creators between the ages of four and 18. Between his latest investments estn Tonic Games (Fall Guys), Playdemic (golf clash) and Sumo Digital.

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