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Alienware presents Concept Nyx, its proposal for the game via streaming | Levelup

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Reducing the gaming experience to a single hardware is a thing of the past and today is being able to play on any device that is at hand and that has the capacity to do so. Although one of the most important bets is that of the game in the cloud, you can also do the same thanks to streaming using local connections and this is where the Alienware proposal, Concept Nyx, takes place.

Alienware Enters Local Game Streaming Industry With Concept Nyx

Alienware presented its proposal for a streaming game experience called Concept Nyx, which consists of a computer that acts as a server and that will allow users to bring their game session to mobile devices or their PC. Although at first you can think that this is not far from what Xbox, PlayStation and Steam already do, the reality is that in those cases you can only stream a single game.

Well, in the case of Concept Nyx, Alienware already thinks of homes and spaces where there are many people interested in playing because thanks to the technology of your computer and a relevant wi-fi connection you can play up to 4 titles at the same time independently, which will be sent via streaming to users and their devices. Likewise, the powerful Concept Nyx computer allows immediate device switching without compromising the gaming experience.

Alienware presenta Concept Nyx

On the other hand, Alienware assured that Concept Nyx will stand out from proposals such as Google STADIA or Nvidia’s GeForce Now by offering a lower latency than that registered by these services under ideal conditions. The goal of Alienware is that the combination between the computer and a quality local connection is enough to provide a gaming experience that satisfies players, as well as offering the independence of the game so that everyone can play what they want at the moment. you want it.

So far, there is no release date for Concept Nyx, but the expectation is that it won’t take long as Alienware would make a mistake if it doesn’t get up to the hype of this type of proposal in time.

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