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90 Day Boyfriend: Why TLC Should Release Single Life Syngin ASAP

Disturbing allegations have surfaced about Syngin Colchester, and TLC should consider severing ties with Syngin and removing him from The Single Life.

Someone who says they dated 90 day fiancé Star Syngin Colchester has made shocking claims of abuse, and out of great caution and a desire to support survivors of abuse, TLC should reconsider the continued inclusion of the South African cast member in the franchise. The accusations the woman made are truly disturbing and keep Syngin in 90 days: the single life it could become a huge liability for the franchise.

The regular Syngin franchise has been starring in Single life season 2, and his time in the spinoff may be tarnishing his reputation as a fan favorite. He has received criticism for seemingly wanting to sleep and live with his ex-wife Tania Maduro while actively dating, and fans have dragged him in for trying to get the best of both worlds. Recently on the show, Tania and Syngin finally broke up, and Syngin moved to Arizona to start over. However, a anonymous woman who claims to have dated Syngin has made shocking accusations that while she was romantically involved with him, Syngin physically, mentally and sexually abused him. She also says that he also has significant problems with drug and alcohol addiction.

If true, Syngin’s actions are horrible and completely unacceptable, and someone like that has no place in the franchise. This, of course, puts TLC in a very difficult position. In the past, the network had no trouble excommunicating former cast member Geoffrey Paschel after assault charges (and later a conviction) came to light. It looks like Syngin could cut itself the same way as Geoffrey, and it’s time for TLC to get proactive. The network has received a lot of criticism in recent years for featuring abusers in the franchise, and this could be a turning point.

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Editing a troublesome cast member of a reality show has been done before, so it’s definitely not impossible to alter the current edit of Single life season 2. In upcoming episodes, other cast members could appear in place of Syngin’s segments and, if necessary, Syngin can be removed entirely. TLC should at least minimize their inclusion in the show until an investigation can be conducted and more information comes out. This situation could easily snowball, and the network would do well to anticipate the controversy.

If TLC doesn’t take action to address the situation with Syngin, it could easily blow up in their faces. Syngin is not the first cast member to be accused of abuse. Ed Brown from Syngin Single life Co-star from season 2, he has also been heavily criticized for abusive actions in the past against his now-fiancee Liz Woods and other women who used to date him. But the allegations against Syngin are far more troubling. The network as a whole should want to be an organization that supports assault survivors, and being proactive in investigating Syngin would go a long way to demonstrate that to viewers. It is vitally important that TLC perform due diligence before introducing Syngin to the franchise.

For many 90 day fiancé fans, it’s scary to think that the real Syngin could be very different from the man who has been portrayed in the franchise all this time. Many viewers feel sick thinking about how he has been a fan favorite, while potentially hiding a very dark side of himself. The best course of action is to minimize Syngin’s visibility in the franchise as soon as possible, and it might be time to cut ties with him entirely.

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