Thursday, June 30

This viral Halo Infinite video reveals a curious way to travel around the map

Halo Infinite closed 2021 crowning as one of the best games of the year despite doubts about a campaign that has suffered fluctuations in development. The title of 343 Industries shines because the classic gameplay of the series is added, among other things, a open world and a hook. Two elements that may seem unrevolutionary, but that have been able to revolutionize the series created by Bungie thanks to the pop-up gameplay. As it shows, the following video from TikTok (goes ComicBook) that has gone viral on the platform.

@haloinfiniteytclips Fast travel in style #haloinfinite #haloinfiniteclips #haloinfinitecampaign ♬ original sound – HaloInfiniteYTClips

As usual in open world games, in Halo Infinite enemy bases can be conquered to use as fast travel points. But what is shown in the video is a much more ingenious way to move from one point to another on the map quickly. A way that take advantage of the physics and systems of the game. Basically, it involves using a explosive (the Spike, the Hammer, a grenade …) to get a Warthog Fly forward, and immediately use the hook to tie down to the vehicle. Yes, you have to be careful with map boundaries:

@haloinfiniteytclips Fast Travel Hammer Style – Halo moment #haloinfinitecampaign #haloinfinite #haloinfiniteclips ♬ original sound – HaloInfiniteYTClips

The best Halo since bungie’s departure

In our analysis from Halo Infinite We said it is “the best installment in the series since Bungie abandoned it and one of the best games of all of 2021.” “A long campaign with a few flawless shootouts that never tire, a competitive multiplayer that could hardly be more fun and that has already left us countless momentazos, a great artistic direction and a spectacular soundtrack are his main letters of introduction, some virtues that easily outweigh its few shortcomings“.

Halo Infinite is available in Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC y Xbox Cloud Gaming. The campaign is included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. For his part, multiplayer is free to play, so it can be downloaded for free at no cost from the Microsoft Store and Steam. If you’ve already ventured into the Zeta ring and have trouble beating a boss or finding a collectible, we recommend you take a look at our guide.

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