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This is the Roomba j7 + robot vacuum cleaner, from iRobot

iRobot has recently expanded its range of high-end robot vacuum cleaners with the model Roomba j7+, which integrates features top like the intelligent navigation by means of camera, or the system of self-emptying; It also has a precision technology that allows to identify objects on the ground, even the stools of pets. In this sense, the robot meets the company’s aspiration to clean the house in a personalized way, understanding the specific instructions and preferences. The new functions of the iRobot Genius 3.0 Home platform, already available in all robots with Wi-Fi connection of the company, give almost total control over house cleaning.

In terms of design, it should be noted that the base has been reduced, making it flatter, so that it is easy to place, and has space to store the spare parts and thus always have them at hand.

Increased functionality and performance

Designed to be integrated into the home, the latest Roomba is a good helper at home, as it thinks for itself, is collaborative and offers greater performance in every task. It provides iRobot Genius 3.0 technology and PrecisionVision Navigation, which make it possible for the device to turn smarter with every use.

Daily work, as evidenced by the tests carried out on the equipment, show that it moves easily on all types of floors, remembering specific rooms and certain furniture, to clean in those areas where it is most needed. An important fact is that it can start working automatically when the user leaves the house and stop cleaning when he returns.

Roomba j7 + understands cleaning preferences and learns rules, through questions and answers, to obtain feedback, and remember how you have to react in the future. It recognizes and avoids the cables and the unforeseen events of the pets, giving the peace of mind that the work is done correctly.

According to the brand, the Roomba j7 +, with iRobot Genius, provides greater levels of customization, new home automations and the ability to get smarter over time, offering a more intuitive cleaning experience for people have more time and dedicate yourself to doing what really matters to you.

Plataforma iRobot Genius 3.0

IRobot Genius technology is now available across the company’s full range of robot vacuum cleaners and scrubbing robots. The latest digital features included are:

Clean when you leave home, which is in line with the business philosophy that robots should work around the user’s schedule. Using the services of location phone, you can create a defined boundary around your home so that the smartphone Make the robot automatically start cleaning (and stop) when the mobile exits or returns to the limit.

The robot guides you through initial start-up and subsequent cleaning jobs to customize and create a Smart Map, and making sure it is optimized to navigate efficiently at home. It even helps make it easy to customize the map by automatically recommending room labels once the robot has finished learning the house plan and is ready to create tours.

Also note that an estimate of the time remaining to complete the scheduled cleaning can also be accessed in the iRobot Home application, depending on the room -or rooms- that have been chosen to carry out a specific job. Another advantage is that if the robot is operational while working at home or there are children sleeping, it can be ordered to perform a silent scrolling which will turn off the vacuum components when the robot is not in its active cleaning job.

With iRobot Genius technology, the device learns the house, and reacts to what is in it in real time with PrecisionVision Navigation, giving users the ability to identify and avoid common obstacles. If the charging cable falls to the floor in the living room, Roomba j7 + will see and avoid it. If the new puppy left a “surprise” in the hallway, it detects it and maneuvers around. With the ability to identify and anticipate walls and furniture, your approach can also be slowed for gentle cleaning around objects and along corners. Combining this with the smart mapped Imprint Smart Mapping learns the plan of a house, giving users control to choose which rooms are cleaned when using the iRobot Home App or a voice assistant device. PrecisionVision Navigation will also get smarter over time, allowing more obstacles to be identified soon and improving the cleaning experience.

The learning machine

Cleaning improves the more you use the appliance, thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence that lets you think for yourself. When it identifies an unforeseen or obstacle, it will send a photo to the iRobot Home App, where the user can instruct to avoid or clean around the obstacle. It is also possible to provide information in the app on how you should handle those obstacles in the future.

The team also learns about how cleaning should be done and offers personalized suggestions for times when the home may need more frequent cleaning, such as pet shedding seasons or allergy season. Since the Roomba j7 + remembers the rooms and specific times when cleaning is required, it can suggest custom cleaning times, such as cleaning the kitchen after breakfast.

Increased comfort

It has a self-emptying system Clean Base polished metal finish and redesigned from the ground up to fit under tables and take up less space. Hidden storage ensures that you always have an extra bag ready to go.


Roomba j7 + with Clean Base self-draining system It is available at a price of € 999 euros. It can also be purchased without Clean Base for € 749 euros. Additional bags for dirt removal can be purchased for € 19.99 in a 3-pack.

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It is a very efficient new generation robot vacuum cleaner, with a renewed design in polished steel, smaller in size and easier to locate at home. It has good suction power and has a precise navigation system that allows it to move safely and recognize all kinds of objects. Roomba j7 + also stands out for the improvements implemented in the application, which facilitate and personalize the cleaning process.

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