Sunday, June 26

The ‘roguelike’ Iratus: Lord of the Dead, free on GOG until January 5

The digital store GOG Put the finishing touch to your winter sale by giving away another set for a limited time: Iratus: Lord of the Dead. PC gamers can add free to their library the roguelike with strategic battles and a dark fantasy setting until the Wednesday, January 5 at 3:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time.

To do this, they only have to access the GOG home page, CD Projekt’s digital store, and make clic en “Yes, and claim this game”. By doing so, in addition to adding the game to the GOG library, the user is subscribe to marketing communications by email from the store, but later you can access the user profile to deactivate those emails.

About Iratus: Lord of the Dead, It’s about a roguelike launched in 2020 developed by Unfrozen and edited by Daedalic Entertainment. Players control a army of the undead commanded by Iratus, a necromancer who has the goal of bringing the eternal realm of death to the world.

The peculiarity of its combat system is that the necromancer Create minions with body parts of defeated enemies. Little by little, up to 19 types of allies will be unlocked as the underground lair. It will be necessary to know the strengths and weaknesses of enemies and subjects, who have six unique abilities. There are various levels of difficulty and the style of play can be customized with the talent trees dedicated to alchemy, magic, anger and destruction.

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In addition to the title at hand, has a free classic games collection: from last a Shadow Warrior, passing by Postal Y Beneath a Steel Sky, in addition to other more recent titles such as Samorost. They can all be obtained through this link.

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