Thursday, June 30

The mod of Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake in virtual reality is now available for PC

The awesome mod that lets you play Resident Evil 2 Remake Y Resident Evil 3 Remake in virtual reality comes to PC for gamers to relive Capcom’s survival horror from a terrifying new perspective. At the beginning of last November, some players were able to test first-hand a version in development of this same mod and the feelings could not be more positive: the first person as well as the motion controls allow to play both titles in a much more immersive way. According to reports from Kotaku, the mod can be downloaded via GitHub and its creators claim that they are working to adapt Resident Evil 7 Y Resident Evil 8: Village to this same format.

Beyond changing the perspective of the game camera, the mod created by the mud Praydog allows you to play with other very interesting options, which is why many interested in virtual reality had their eyes on it. One of the most remarkable features of this mod is that allows you to use your knife and full arsenal of weapons with complete freedom of movement, so we can interact in a very natural way with enemies; This functionality is possible thanks to the implementation of a motion control system. On the other hand, the mod also allows you to see all the kinematics of both games, although some failures may occur.

Resident Evil and his journey with virtual reality

Resident Evil it is not a franchise alien to virtual reality. His first contact with her was through PlayStation VR is the best money PS4 from Resident Evil 7, while we recently received Resident Evil 4 VR exclusively for Oculus Quest 2. Thanks to this new mod, fans will be able to fight against biological threats from Resident Evil 2 Remake Y Resident Evil 3 Remake as they have never done before, while if you finally manage to adapt so much Resident Evil 7 What Resident Evil 8 to this format we could reach play much of the series in virtual reality.

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