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The King’s Man: 7 Things That Make No Sense In The Movie

Matthew Vaughn’s The King’s Man is a prequel to the Kingsman movies, but not everything about the movie makes sense.

It’s been a while since Kingsman The movie franchise was established. That was in 2014. Kingsman: The Secret Service, and its sequel, took place in the modern era. King’s man Take the story back to the origins of this secret spy society. It is set during the First World War and even includes many famous people from real world history.

This is an action movie based on facts, but with a twist. Like any movie based on real world history, some problems of logic arise. King’s man He even finds some retcon action for the first two movies. There will be spoilers in the effort to try to make sense of these oddities. Just remember, this breakdown is for fun.

7 How long was Orlando playing spy games?

In about a third of the movie, Orlando reveals to Conrad that he has been playing spy games with Polly and Shola. It is never mentioned how long he was doing this.

Plus, it’s a bit hard to believe that such an important member of British society could go around doing spy shenanigans and action movie stunts with no consequences for the Crown. He has no mask or costume. Also, for a man with a bad leg, he can move relatively well.

6 Was Rasputin magical?

That’s a question that has haunted real world history for quite some time. Rasputin seemed to defy physics steadily. He was poisoned, shot and stabbed and survived many of those injuries. In a way, he was Russia’s first action movie star.

It was theorized that Rasputin had some kind of magic, something that is explored in the film. Orlando’s leg heals, for example. All Rasputin does is sing, shove Orlando’s leg, and then lick it. Voila. New leg. Is there magic in this cinematic universe now? Otherwise, the whole sequence doesn’t add up.

5 Weapons are important, except when they are not

One of the funniest first moments in the movie is when Polly shoots Shola’s knife from her hand. She declares that weapons are the wave of the future for combat. He was right, as melee weapons hardly exist on the battlefield now. She remains gun crazy throughout the movie, but everyone else seems to ignore her plea.

Instead, the movie has everyone having crazy fights with knives, swords, and karate. This makes for a more exciting action movie, but it doesn’t make sense in the context of the world. Everyone should use more weapons, as Polly warns.

4 Conrad’s deception plan

Conrad is set to be the main protagonist of the film. Viewers were apparently ready to watch Orlando die at some point and get Conrad to go ahead. The opposite happened. Conrad dies and it’s all because he had a bad plan.

What did you think was going to happen when you took over from Archie? Didn’t you consider that someone in Archie’s unit would call you about your lie? In fact, someone does it and that gives Conrad a bullet in the temple.

3 The network of maids

Polly and everyone else involved in Orlando’s plans are placing a lot of trust in the servants. What would you do if you asked a servant to spy on his master and reject you? Wouldn’t that servant deliver Orlando and the rest? “They want me to spy on you!” Some trade like that could happen.

This movie posits that all maids, butlers, and the like are loyal spies. Yet why would they be? It is a new element about the origins of this organization that is never fully explored.

2 Conrad’s Super Sharp Medal of Honor

Even though Conrad dies in the line of duty, he is still rewarded with a medal. That is the standard for most military organizations in many countries. Orlando excepts Conrad’s iron cross and takes it with him to the final battle.

It comes in handy at the last second when you need to cut Morton’s cashmere scarf. Use the medal to do it. Regular cashmere is not that fragile. How could a medal go through cashmere like this then? Also, how sharp was that medal? Maybe it was made of diamonds. It is supposed to be a moving moment as Orlando wears his son’s medal. However, it seems silly.

1 So how did Orlando and Shola get off Goat Mountain?

That final assault on the Morton compound had some more nonsense. How did no one notice that a plane was flying into the complex? It should have been shot down. It’s supposed to be a secret base. Shouldn’t it have been more guarded? Later, the soldiers are seen walking but they don’t catch Orlando until much later.

Nor is it that he had the stealthiest approaches. Once again, he crashed a plane. Also, how exactly did Orlando and Shola sink after the battle? There are no more parachutes and the elevator broke. They even joke about it in the movie, which is funny but still begs the question: how did they get depressed? The only possible way was if they waited for a plane to drop two parachutes. How long would that have taken?

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