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Take a Seat, Salt & Peeper’s first self-produced game

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Take a Seat will be Salt and Peeper Games’ first self-produced game. The publisher announced last December that the title co-designed by Eloi Pujadas and Ferran Renalias will hit the market in spring.

Take a Seat is a board game designed for 1 to 6 players, with a recommended age from 8 years, and with games of a variable duration that ranges from 20 minutes to half an hour.

It’s premiere day, where the city’s best musicals compete to fill theaters for weeks. For your premiere to be the most successful, it will have to attract and seat the public in the best possible locations. It will not be an easy job. The word has spread and the most important celebrities, the authorities and the press do not want to miss this glamorous event. Will you be able to find the best seats? Now, if you’ll excuse me, the “Show must go on.”

Take a Seat y su mecánica Share and Write

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The game takes place during 14 turns, in each of them the players will obtain a reservation panel and will have to decide whether to use the usher’s ability or get direct points. Then they will have to mark a reserve on the board to their right or left, depending on the turn. scratching on any of the 4 tickets in the reservation panel. Finally, they will have to assign seats in the theater by marking the outline and the circles that correspond to the pieces selected in the previous step.

As described in the turn sequence, Take a Seat uses a new mechanic, called Share and Write, in which the randomness present in the roll & Write is achieved through the interaction of the players instead of dice or cards.

Once the turns of all the players are finished, the final score is carried out. There are 3 areas to score: objective cards, reserve majorities, and usher bonuses. The players add up all the points to obtain the total score and the one with the highest score is declared the winner of the game.

Cover of the board game Take a Seat

The game is co-designed by Eloi Pujadas, responsible for Shikoku, Troia or Big Bang 13.7, and Ferran Renalias, autor de On the Origin of Species y Lacrimosa.

In the graphic section we find Meeple Foundry, responsable de Escape Pods, Idus Martii o Trick or Boo.

Salt and Peeper is a young publisher known for its portfolio games (Caravana al Oeste, Tussie Mussie) although they have also released titles such as Watergate or Roll Camera! The publisher plans to publish Take a Seat in the first quarter of this year.

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