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Stage 2 of the Dakar Rally, live

Stage 2 of the 2022 Dakar Rally between Ha’il and Al Artawiya. It was the marathon stage, but it was left in the ‘normal’ stage due to the rains. Al-Attiyah and Sanders defend leadership after yesterday that almost left out Carlos Sainz.

7:26: Santolino gains ground

Apparently, Sanders and Walkner have been slightly lost, or so the organization says, and this has been taken advantage of by Santolino, who has recovered rent in this section. Now, at km 165, he is 2:32 from Walkner and giving Sanders time. Good

7:24: Rui Gonalves, in command

Well, there was no error with the GPS and Rui Gonalves is the leader of the stage. The Portuguese reached km 80 and puts 3 and a half minutes to Barreda, who is now second. That s, the income of the Portuguese has fallen in these 40 kilometers. Amazing. It is his second Dakar, he comes from motocross and drives a Sherco, like Santolino

7:20: Petrucci, stopped by a fault

Serious problems for Danilo Petrucci. According to the organization, his KTM would have stopped at km 115 of the special. You are trying to restart it, but you cannot. They indicate that you can even abandon the test. A real shame because he was embroidering it. Very unfair

7:18: Barreda stays up

Joan goes through km 119 and does it as first with 1:22 advantage over Walkner. In the absence of confirming Gonalves’ surprise, the Spaniard will continue as leader. Their figures are similar in this partial

7:13: Sanders now I know he suffers

Daniel Sanders reaches km 165 and he is already starting to leave a few good minutes. Walkner hits him 4:01 and Quintanilla is two and a half minutes behind him, with what he has within a shot to beat him. That could help you open track

7:11: Gonalves flies?

Rui Gonalves appears first at km 40 with no less than 5:56 minutes ahead of Barreda. If there are no mistakes, the Portuguese will be flying with his Sherco. Caution

7:07: Howes out and trouble for Sunderland

The North American has lost time and does not command at km 119 – in the absence of Barreda – as he did when passing in each section. He is now 1 second from Walkner, who is doing a great stage. Sunderland has two sets without showing up on the GPS. It seems to have problems. It can be another blow of effect with a ‘rooster’ of the Dakar and former winner

6:58: Santolino adds and continues

Lorenzo continues with his cruising rhythm. He leaves a few seconds in each set, but he walks firmly towards the goal. It is his trump card. He reaches km 119 and loses 2:48 with Walkner, which should be more with Barreda and others. He gave up more than a minute with the Austrian in this set

6:53: Barreda continues to dominate

Joan reaches km 80 and maintains the first place. In addition, his income grows: he takes 41 seconds from Howes. Other favorites went through km 40, such as Price or Ricky Brabec, and did not improve. An indication that Castellón is doing very well

6:47: Sanders begins to suffer

The leader begins to accuse the fact of opening the track and begins to lose time more considerably. Thus, at km 119, Walkner puts him already 1:01 and Quintanilla endorses him 20 seconds. At the moment, it is acceptable for the ocean

6:44: What a great Petrucci

Danilo reaches the second point, km 80, and only gives 21 seconds with Howes. Impressive. Better even than Kevin Benavides, last winner, and others. Amazing

6:43: Peterhansel, with permission to leave

Stephane was able to arrive at the camp last night after repairing, together with the assistance, the break in the rear axle of his Audi. Thanks to the FIA ​​WRC regulations, which apply to this Dakar, you will be able to go out to the special, but not to compete. He does it to help Audi develop its new vehicle

6:40: Vingut left with a fractured right fibula

Toni Vingut, one of the two Spaniards who were on quads – the other is Lex Feli- is no longer from the game. He suffered a severe accident in the first part of stage 1 and broke his right fibula and two ribs. He had to be evacuated by helicopter, although the Ibizan is fine. A shame. Is already looking forward to coming back

6:37: The quads start

Lithuanian Kancius comes out first, who won yesterday’s special and leads the general classification with a six-minute advantage over Chilean Enrico.

6:34: Santolino is stable

Lorenzo reaches km 80 of the special and yields 1:20 with Walkner. He also loses time with Sanders or Quintanilla. Sunderland, who started just before the Spaniard, does not appear in the times

6:30: Barreda, 1

Joan seems not to have morally accused the blow for yesterday’s large loss and takes the lead at km 40. He sets Howes 19 seconds. Climbing is difficult, but at least you have to try

6:23: Petrucci slo gives 9 seconds

Brutal stage start for Petrux, who only gave up 9 seconds in those first 40 kilometers compared to Howes. Improve the time of authentic specialists. Italian is being liked. Excellent

6:19: Howes can with Sunderland

The Husqvarna American beats the British, by a second, at km 40. Others, predictably, will too.

6:15: Sanders, already at km 80

The leader is not lost. Overcome the first dunes and reach the second kilometer point. Solid opening the track, the former enduro rider continues on his way. Just give up two seconds with Quintanilla there

6:12: Many favorites go back

Joan Barreda and Ricky Brabec started up after a while. They and other ‘greats’ lost a lot in stage 1 and start in a bad position. They will have to pass many, but by not worrying so much about the navigation to follow other lines they can go faster. Therefore, the final rankings will take a long time to arrive. Of course, several already only aspire to partial triumphs

6:08: First reference for Santolino

Lorenzo reaches km 40 and does so 53 seconds behind Sunderland, which has taken the lead displacing Van Beveren. Acceptable start for the Spanish

6:03: Van Beveren goes for the note

The French from Yamaha takes the lead at 44 km, 8 seconds ahead of Walkner and 1:03 over Sanders. The Gaul seems to go more calmly after the last fiascos. I saved yesterday’s complicated day and can pull veteran to grow

5:55: Sanders resists Quintanilla

Both are already at the first checkpoint, at km 40 and the Chilean is only one second ahead of the Australian, despite the fact that he opened the track. The ocean of GasGas is being defended very well

5:51: Cars start at 7:28

Al-Attiyah, winner yesterday, be the first out. Loeb will follow. Carlos Sainz will start on the 24th at 8:26. A little later Nani Roma will do it. They will have to advance a lot

5:50: The surprising Petrucci

Danilo Petrucci, a former MotoGP player, continues to surprise. He did very well in the prologue and in the chaotic first stage he finished at the top without getting lost. Today comes 13. He has pain in an ankle – “pilot with one leg”, he says – but he holds on. He has already won over everyone in the camp with his sympathy and naturalness

5:37: Santolino starts

Lorenzo Santolino is seventh in the general and starts in a good position in this special. The man from Salamanca avoided problems and with his constant rhythm he grew a lot. His options have risen despite wearing a modest Sherco

5:24: Sale Sanders

In motorcycles, Daniel Sanders has achieved two victories in two days and is establishing himself as a great candidate for victory. Yes, today opens the track and it will be more difficult. His first challenge is to navigate and not get lost and the second, to give up a short time to the ‘jaura’ behind, a life of revenge for what happened yesterday.

5:21: Analysis of the Sainz disaster

Here, Enrique Naranjo, from the bivouac, analyzes what happened to Sainz in stage 1: Sainz falls back on Castera’s game

5:15: The bikes, ready to go

Welcome to the Dakar. The start of the special has been advanced by modifying the stage. They are 20 minutes in advance. Therefore, they are about to begin.

It was going to be the marathon stage, but some strong storms flooded the area where the pilots were going to sleep, without their assistance, with which the organization of the Dakar I decided to leave it on a ‘normal’ special. What does not change is the length and route of the day, which is still set at 339 kilometers, with sand as the majority terrain on the route (63%) and a good presence of dunes (27% of the total of the special) . Combine off-piste, undulating tracks, dunes (especially between km 270 and 325) and rocky sections. The modification will come once the timed zone is completed, since the link will now extend for 270 kilometers. Many will seek to make up after the previous unfortunate day, with the escabechina caused by navigation. Nasser Al-Attiyah defend lead in cars and start first. On motorcycles, the surprising Daniel Sanders occupies the place of privilege.

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