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South Korea wants to remove NFT games from the App Store and Google Play | Levelup

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NFTs and their implementation in video games have only generated controversy and discussions of all kinds. Despite this, companies are determined to convince gamers that they are a good thing and that they have great applications in gaming.

Video game lovers are not convinced of this, and now South Korea has also lashed out at gaming with NFT and its play-to-ear business scheme. Due to this, authorities of the country asked Google and Apple to block any launch of this type in their respective stores for mobile devices.

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South Korea goes against NFT games on iOS and Android

South Korea’s Gaming Management Committee petitioned Google and Apple to block any game that incorporates NFT purchases on Google Play and the App Store. The organization is mostly against titles that require the acquisition of a non-fungible token as a prerequisite to play.

It does not end there, as the committee is also already working to eliminate any play-to-ear games that are already available in stores. How will you achieve this? It will deny them the age rating process, a prerequisite for reaching South Korean digital stores.

Authorities are targeting these types of launches for several reasons. Some associate it with gambling while others believe that such games are based on speculative schemes to generate money.

On the other hand, games that offer cash prizes are very well regulated in the country, since in the past there have been situations where some laws have been violated and illegal activities have occurred.

Thus, the South Korean Gaming Management Committee wants to avoid complications with this type of game, whose play-to-ear proposal supposedly seeks that players can take advantage of their non-expendable assets thanks to the sale or exchange for cryptocurrencies .

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