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Samsung prepares new QLED screens that surely you will not change in years | Levelup

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Samsung always offers a lot of products every year that amaze the community. On this occasion, the company took advantage of the hype for CES 2022 to announce new screens that you will surely want to have, because they will have QLED panels, offer 4K or 8K resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz.

Just as you read: Samsung announced that it will release new screens that will offer high resolutions at a refresh rate of 144Hz. This represents a jump from the 120Hz offered by most high-end displays available on the market.

This is a jump that may seem small, especially when compared to the transition from 60Hz to 120Hz. However, it does mean that televisions will be viable for those gamers who have a PC capable of running games at that frame-per-second rate. It also means that these are screens that will not be obsolete in a while.

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Now, the improvements to these screens go beyond their refresh rate. We say it since they will have a 14 bit panel that will deliver more brightness. They will also feature the Shape Adaptive Light Control feature that promises to improve the quality of mini-LED sets. Lastly, it features artificial intelligence that improves the contrast between the main subjects of each scene and the backgrounds.

Lastly, the new Samsung displays will have a new home screen with loads of gaming content. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

What did you think of these new Samsung screens? Are you excited to have one of these screens in your living room? Tell us in the comments.

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