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PlayStation VR for PS5 will go into production soon, according to an insider | Levelup

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It is a fact that Sony is working on a new PlayStation VR for PlayStation 5. The company has not revealed the device until now, but in March 2021 it gave us the first look at its controller and its attractive design.

Various sources claim that the next PlayStation VR would arrive until the end of this year, with new technology and much more ambitious games. However, Sony has been keeping mum on this project, so not much has been confirmed as of this writing.

New reports claim that mass production of the PlayStation VR for PlayStation 5 will begin soon, suggesting that we may have more news on VR hardware shortly.

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They assure that the production of the new PS VR will begin soon in China

According to Brad Lynch, an analyst for extended reality and virtual reality hardware, Chinese manufacturer Goertek will soon begin production of new devices. Among them would be the PlayStation VR for PlayStation 5.

It is mentioned that the company would also work on Project Cambria, the code name of the next project of Meta, a company formerly known as Facebook. The informant assures that the mass production of both devices will start shortly.

Lynch clarified that the report comes from the Chinese analyst known in networks as 黑 毛 警长 008, who previously gave accurate reports. Despite this, it is important to mention that Sony has not given clues about this, so for now it is a rumor.

If the report on the production of the new PlayStation VR is accurate, it is likely that Sony will decide to make an announcement in the coming weeks. Especially to avoid leaks and prepare for the launch scheduled for the end of the year.

The new VR headset for PlayStation 5 is expected to debut sometime this year. On this page you can find all the news related to PlayStation VR and virtual reality.

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