Saturday, June 25

Need for Speed ​​could have a new installment in the open world, but only for mobile

While Criterion continues to work on the new main installment of Need for Speed, which is scheduled to arrive this year, it seems that Electronic Arts has decided to continue expanding the universe of this popular driving franchise with new collaborators: in this case a job offer has revealed that TiMi Studios, responsible of Call of Duty Mobile Y Pokmon Unite, is developing a new game of Need for Speed in open world, although given the specialty of this equipment, it will be an exclusive delivery for mobiles.

You have been a user of Reddit who has noticed several Work offers published on the official website of Tencent, company that owns the developer TiMi Studios. On that portal you can see vacancies for various positions on the team, from animators to designers who want to join the Shenzen and Shanghai studios. In the descriptions it is mentioned that it is being created in Unreal Engine 4, that its code name is ‘Need for Speed Online Mobile’ and to have a “big realistic world”.

When will this be available Need for Speed for mobiles?

Although it has not been officially announced yet, this new Need for Speed for mobiles might be getting ready to start your test phases (so common in this type of project) sometime in 2022, perhaps coinciding with the launch of the main installment that, according to one of the last financial reports from Electronic Arts, will have to be in the market before April 2022.

If this information is true, we will be facing a real resurface of the saga Need for Speed, a driving franchise that has not gone through its best moment in recent years but could now find a good niche in the industry with the help of Criterionn, a veteran team that Electronic Arts has commissioned to develop the next installments.

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