Thursday, July 7

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings most dramatic ups and downs on and off the screen

Jazz Jennings from I Am Jazz has had a few ups and downs over the years. The activist has become a pioneer but sometimes he pays a price.

Thanks to his TLC show, Jazz Jennings from I am jazz She has made a name for herself as a pioneer in the LGBTQ + community, but her journey hasn’t always been easy. Throughout his time on the show, Jazz has had to navigate the ins and outs of high school, undergo reassignment surgery, and put off college. Regardless of what he’s facing, Jazz manages to overcome adversity.

The Florida native has always spoken her mind. I am jazz it was a huge hit for TLC when it was released, as the cameras followed Jazz. Since the show’s inception, Jazz has been living with her parents, Greg and Jeanette Jennings, as she spearheads immense progress for the transgender community through the trials, tribulations, and happier times featured on the series. Jazz has always been a beacon of hope to his friends and allies as he continues to address misconceptions and correct the many mistakes that have been made to his community.

Although Jazz is a well-known public figure within the LGBTQ + community, he hasn’t always had an easier time. Jazz recently revealed that he had a binge problem and gained over 100 pounds. Jazz shared that this was too low for her as she used to be extremely active and loved to play soccer. Jazz has also had to live with mental health problems, and those problems became so severe that she had to postpone her freshman year at Harvard to take care of herself. Now, with the new season approaching, she has had to show Ivy League University that she is more than ready to take on the challenge of the academy.

Fortunately, Jazz has had more ups and downs in his time on reality TV. Jazz has successfully undergone gender reassignment surgery while the cameras were rolling. She shared the entire process with her fans and was honest at every step. Jazz recently shared that she was honored by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, as they exhibited her famous mermaid tail. Jazz has also been extremely vocal when it comes to his support for trans athletes.

In general, Jazz has had an interesting television career. I am jazz Season 7 has just begun as the family and Jazz recover during the COVID-19 pandemic. The activist continues to work proudly on herself and fighting for others. Fans can now watch Jazz work his way through his troubles and rise to the top, and they are eager to learn more about his life.

I am jazz airs Tuesday at 10 pm EST on TLC.

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