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How to create a segment on Strava

Strava is an app that brings runners, cyclists, and hikers together. It’s not like social media, but it allows those who are interested in outdoor activity to explore new terrain and trails. You can compete in local challenges and find new and interesting places to enjoy your favorite activity.

A segment on Strava is a specific section of road or trail that is used by multiple cyclists and runners. It highlights a specific interest from like-minded athletes. Whether it’s top speed, the roughest grade, or just a total effort from point to point, it’s a place where you can compare your efforts to other people’s. Segments are an important part of what makes Strava so useful; If you are using the application, you should be familiar with these functions.

You will see that segments already exist on most roads or trails. The app is so popular that most riders will have traveled the region you are in so many times that Strava created segments automatically or other riders created them manually. If you are lucky enough to find a place that could be a good segment that has not yet been claimed, you can create your own.

There are two main ways to create a segment. Identify a road or trail within an activity and mark it as a segment or to create a specific route at the beginning and end of a road or trail, save it as a route and create a segment from that. They both have their pros and cons, but they both end up in the same place.

Take a segment of an activity on Strava

You can create a segment from an activity registered within Strava. This is the default way to create one, but it can be a bit tricky.

First, you will need to identify the activity that contains the leg that you want to include. Then you will need to make sure that it is not already a segment. Then you can set it up as a segment on the map and save it.

It is a fairly straightforward process in theory.

  1. Login to Strava. On the home page, click ‘Training‘ on top. Then click ‘My activities.
  2. Click on the activity you would like to use to create a segment.
  3. In the left menu, click on the three horizontal dots.
  4. In the pop-up menu, click “Create Segment.”
  5. Use the slider at the top of the Create Segment screen to identify the start and end of the segment.
  6. Select Next once completed and allow Strava to search for duplicates.
  7. Give your segment a name and select Create.

Creation can be a bit tricky. The green dot on the map is the beginning of the segment and the red dot is the end. You need to slide the green side of the top slider all the way to the beginning of where you want to create and the red dot inward all the way. The change will be reflected in the map below. It takes a lot of time and minor adjustments to get it right, but it is possible.

Once done, hit Next and give your segment a unique name.

Uncheck the privacy box if you want it to be public and select Create. Your segment will be created and shared with everyone.

Use a trip as a segment

Creating the old segment is a lot to process for new users. For a much more exact segment, you can use a trip as a complete segment. It will mean stopping and starting a journey, but you can control the beginning and the end to a much more precise degree.

This method generally works well. Records your ride to the beginning of the segment you want to create, stops, and then starts a new ride. Stop exactly at the end of the segment and save the trip. Start a new trip to record your trip home. Then you can use the entirety of that middle trail as a segment.

  1. Use the Strava map to make sure the segment doesn’t exist yet.
  2. Start recording your activity at the beginning of your proposed segment.
  3. Stop at the end of your proposed segment and save the trip.
  4. Upload the activity to Strava.
  5. Open that activity and select the three-dot menu icon.
  6. Select Create segment.
  7. Select Next immediately and let Strava search for duplicates.
  8. Give your segment a name and select Create.

This uses the exact same process as above, but does not require playing with the sliders or the map. It mirrors your segment to the exact beginning and end and is much faster. It requires you to split a ride, stop, and start recording the segment, but other than that it’s a lot easier than the official way.

You can keep your segment private if you want, but unless it is within your privacy circle, it is much better to share it publicly. What good is competing only against yourself? Give others a chance to improve your time and let the fun begin!

Strava segment does not appear

If you don’t see Segments on Strava, start by checking that the app’s permissions are set to access your device’s GPS. If you’re on a computer looking for Segments, enter your zip code or city and state in the app.

You may have trouble with segment tracking if you take long breaks or walk around your private zones.

Once you start a trip (or other selected activity) make sure you don’t go through your privacy zone. This is a zone that you can set up to 5/8 of a mile from your address. While you can share your activity with everyone or with followers, setting a privacy zone is an ideal way to keep your home address anonymous while interacting on the app.

As mentioned above, users have the option to hide segments. If you are looking for a specific one, it can be private or just; has not yet been created.

Create a new route

Strava allows users to create their own routes and segments. With this feature, you can create a route that you enjoy and share it with friends in the app. Creating a route allows you to filter by your activity (horseback riding or running) and the minimum elevation.

Visit the Strava website to creating a route and login.

Once there, you will go through a short tutorial that tells you about all the available functions and what each button does. Please note that you cannot change your starting point. It updates automatically based on your current GPS location.

Touch where you would like the route to end and choose waypoints along the way. Once you have completed your perfect route, just tap on ‘Save’ in the upper right corner.

Strava uses GPS to inform you of the distance, elevation and estimated time it will take to complete the route based on your chosen activity.

Frequent questions

Strava is the perfect adventure companion. In this section, we’ll answer more of your most frequently asked questions.

How do I edit a segment on Strava?

You may want to update your segment after creating it. The good news is; you can! If you hover over the Control Panel tab and click “My Segments.” Then click on ‘Created Segments’.

On this page, you will see the segments that you have created. Click on the segment you want and click on ‘Actions’ on the right hand side. Now, you can click “Edit.”

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