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How to change the side of the gun in CSGO

From time to time, CSGO players will report better performance when a weapon is tied to a specific hand. The reason for this is reported to be that some weapon models can reduce visibility and hamper the ability to detect peripheral threats. However, the good news is that this is not simply something you have to learn to overcome. There are some ways around it.

How to change the side of the gun in CSGO

The key to changing sides of the gun in CSGO is learning the commands to change the manual tether. When done correctly, you can change hands with a single keystroke, allowing you to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in. Fortunately, doing so is not exactly complicated. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

How to change the side link of a weapon in CSGO

A simple command will help you change the side of your weapons, but first, you will need to make sure that you can access the console (to enter the command). You can access the console by pressing ‘Options’ and then navigating to ‘Keyboard’. Once there, scroll down until you see “Console.”

Enable it with the ”’or’ ~ ‘keys. Once done, you can use the Tilde (`) key or Shift + Tilde key (~) to access the console and type the command.

Changing the hand you want to equip your weapon to in the game is really easy. Basically all you need to remember are these two useful commands, which can be entered on the console:

To change the weapon to your left hand, enter “cl_righthand 0”.

To change the weapon to your right hand, enter “cl_righthand 1”.

That’s all about it! However, if you really want to take control of customizing your gaming experience, we’ve got some great tips and tricks below to help you along the way. For example, if you want to create a list of preferred settings and apply them permanently, you will want to review them.

It may take some time to get used to the new side of weapons. Most gamers suggest playing a couple of games before going back to the defaults.

Additional FAQs

How do you change hands at CSGO?

Instead of your character always carrying items in one hand in CSGO, there are plenty of players who would like to be able to switch hands in the heat of battle. By doing so, your character will have more visibility when machine gunning, depending on the situation they find themselves in. The last thing you want is an awkward and long command. Instead, we’ll show you an easy and foolproof way to do it:

In this example, you will bind the “x” key to switch hands, but you can use whatever key you prefer to bind. All you need to do is enter this code into the console. To make the command permanent, save the code in your “autoexec” file.

The code you need to do this is: “bind x” toggle cl_righthand 0 1 “

When finished, you can switch hands anytime you want with a single keystroke.

Can I switch my weapon to the left side in CSGO?

For those of you who want your weapon to automatically equip in your left hand and stay there, this is the section for you. To do that, there is only one command you need to know about. This command can be saved in your autoexec file to make it permanent. Alternatively, you can choose to enter it on your console for each game.

The code so that the elements always appear on their left is the following: “cl_righthand 0”

If at any point you decide to go back to the right, all you need to change is to use the default setting: “cl_righthand 1”

How do I switch screens in CSGO?

Hardcore online games like CSGO are best enjoyed in extra-wide or even multiple monitor setups. However, Steam doesn’t always want to play ball with this. Very often CSGO can open on the wrong monitor. One solution is to download multi-monitor software tools to regain control of the situation. However, this is not totally necessary as there is a solution for Steam games.

To open the game on your desired monitor (s), this is what you need to do:

• The first thing you should try is to run the game in “windowed mode”. So in theory you can just drag the game to the monitor you want.

• If the above doesn’t work, a little dabbling in Windows settings may fix the problem. If you go into your settings and change the secondary monitor to the primary monitor, it will “trick” CSGO into opening on the larger monitor.

• The last thing you can try is to open the game in “borderless window mode”. Then, by pressing “Shift, the Windows key and the right arrow”, you should be able to move the game to the monitor you want.

How do you switch left and right in CSGO?

If you’ve decided which side you want your weapon to stay on permanently, this is the section for you. Ultimately, to switch your weapon to the other hand and keep it there, there is only one command you need to remember. This can be entered into the console at the beginning of each game. Alternatively, to make the command permanent, you can do an autoexec for CSGO as illustrated below. Regardless of which method you choose, the commands are as follows:

• To carry your weapon on your left side: “cl_righthand 0”

• To switch to right-handed transport: “cl_righthand 1”

The only downside to this particular method is that it won’t allow you to change hands quickly as you see fit. For that reason, many players choose to assign a key that allows them to change hands when needed. Which one works for you depends a lot on how you play the game. There is no one size fits all solution.

How do you switch hands with the movement keys in CSGO?

Another handy way to control which hand your weapon equips in is to have it switch hands based on the direction you are turning. Although this method can be a bit annoying at first, many players rely on it. Sure enough, once you get used to it, your gun will never block your view.

If you want to have your weapon in your left hand while turning to the right and vice versa, this is what you should do:

• First, you will need to do an autoexec for CSGO (we’ll show you how in the next section).

• Then, to make your weapon appear in your left hand when you turn right, you will need to enter this link: bind “d” “+ moveright; cl_righthand 0 “;

• For the weapon to switch to the opposite side, you will need to enter this: link “a” “+ moveleft; cl_righthand 1 “;

As we have said, this trick is not for everyone, as some users may find the quick switch a bit annoying. However, if this is not for you, we recommend that you try the tips above in the section “How do I change hands in CSGO?” section.

How to make an Autoexec file for CSGO

Creating an autoexec file is a great way to store your preferences in CSGO without having to manually enter them into the console each time. It works perfectly for things like cross settings and custom links. To enable it, all you need to do is store the autoexec within the game files. Then, as the name implies, it will automatically run the information that has been stored and apply those settings as soon as you start the game.

Here’s how to do it through Steam:

• Find the CSGO properties in the Steam library.

• Choose “Browse local files” from the list of options.

• Find the folder “.cfg (config)”.

• Right click on an open space within this folder and choose “New” and then “Text Document”. Any text editor will suffice, even Notepad.

• Open the file you created and then enter the links you have in mind. For example: “cl_righthand 0”.

• Save this file as “autoexec.cfg” and be sure to save it in the “All Files” drop-down menu.

And there you have it: a fully customizable gaming experience. Naturally, you can add and remove settings as you see fit. Sometimes these settings will not load automatically when you start the game. If this happens, all you need to do is press “~” to open your console. Then type “exec autoexec” to apply your settings.

Why is the orientation of the weapon important?

A frequently asked question from novice CSGO players is “why do professional CSGO players always play left facing?” Well the answer relates to your dominant eye. Indeed, these players have gotten so good at the game that they have learned to exploit every possible strength to help them stay on top.

Not all players will play on the left as some will have a more dominant right eye. Really, the best thing you can do to find out what your dominant eye is is to watch some free trials on YouTube. Once you’ve figured it out, just choose the orientation that matches your view. Naturally, this won’t instantly make you a pro, but it will give you an added edge on your way there. You will be able to read the game better and detect threats much faster.

Gun Side Change in CSGO

As you can see, there are many ways to customize CSGO when it comes to changing the sides of the gun. Some of these settings will suit your game, while others will not. It all depends on how you play. The setting that allows the weapon to change hands each time you spin is a bit frantic, but this may not be the case for others.

Have any of you got used to that environment and benefited from it? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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