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Horizon Zero Dawn: GAIA and HADES Explained

Understanding GAIA and HADES is important if you want to understand the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, its past, and the role Aloy plays.

Released by Guerrilla Games in 2017, Horizon zero dawn is an open world adventure game featuring a post-apocalyptic version of America set in the distant future. The great buildings and structures that have been built by humanity for centuries have worn away and nature has reclaimed urban landscapes that were once densely populated. Humans are forced to live in small, primitive tribes, and are allowed to form myths and folklore about the species’ past. However, they can’t spend all day telling stories, because dangers lurk in the form of metal machines that are as big as dinosaurs and can kill dozens at once with their various weapons.

Aloy is Horizon zero dawnprotagonist, and her brave and courageous nature pushes her to discover the world in which she lives. Through his adventures, he comes to learn more about two entities that have played a very important role in human history: GAIA and HADES. Understanding them both is essential if Aloy is to uncover the secrets of her past and save the human race.

Note: Spoilers for Horizon zero dawn ahead.

The Faro plague disaster

In Horizon zero dawn, the 21st century brought with it several technological advances that improved society and made life easier for human beings. This was, in part, thanks to the widespread deployment of robots that helped automate mundane activities and performed tasks that are dangerous to humans. At the head of this robotic revolution was a man named Ted Faro, who was the CEO of Faro Automated Solutions.

One of the most important inventions produced by Faro Automated Solutions was the Chariot range of robots. These robots were marketed as military machinery capable of fighting. Chariots were attractive for many reasons; They could be used for defensive purposes without risking human lives, they obey their master, they are capable of self-replication, they are resistant to piracy and they can feed themselves by consuming biomass. Additionally, the chariots can work together to form an almost unstoppable swarm of chariots.

Unfortunately, a programming flaw caused the robots to become self-aware. Rather than answer to their masters, they sought their own ends and began to consume all the biomass they could find. Soon, humanity realized that they were dealing with an almost invulnerable force, and that it would not be long before the Chariots rendered the planet lifeless. The disaster was dubbed the Faro plague, and the world’s leading minds began to think of plans to save humanity.

In many ways, the Plague of Faro can be seen as a warning describing how humans can lead to its downfall when its creations are used for evil. In addition, it highlights how fragile nature is and the dangers of putting technological advances and profits before nature conservation.

GAIA y Project Zero Dawn

With the extinction of humanity appearing to be a very real threat, the world turned to Dr. Elisabeth Sobeck, who was one of the leading intellectuals of the time. Courageous, compassionate, and terribly intelligent, Dr. Sobeck realized that the fate of humanity was in her hands. His solution to Faro’s plague was not to fight it, but to try to repopulate Earth with life once it was safe enough again. To do this, he started Project Zero Dawn.

Through Project Zero Dawn, several underground bunkers were created where the seeds of life were stored. However, there was not enough time for the humans to build all of the Project Zero Dawn components. Therefore, Dr. Sobeck created an artificial intelligence system known as GAIA. GAIA’s job was to work to deactivate the Chariot swarm, terraform the Earth, and make the planet suitable for life once the Faro plague was over. To do this, GAIA would use human-made cauldrons to make machines tasked with reintroducing life to Earth and restoring the planet’s biosphere.

To Dr. Sobeck’s surprise, she discovered that GAIA is self-aware and capable of displaying human emotions such as sadness and compassion. At the request of GAIA, Dr. Sobeck included an override feature that could be used to turn it off in an emergency. It is thanks to GAIA that life on Earth receives a second chance.

HADES y The Strange Signal

Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Sobeck and her team of scientists, GAIA was able to end the Faro plague, terraform the Earth, and begin sowing the seeds of life many hundreds of years later. GAIA was able to do this using nine subordinate roles, each of which was tasked with completing a certain portion of Project Zero Dawn. They are AETHER, APOLLO, ARTEMIS, DEMETER, ELEUTHIA, HEPHAESTUS, MINERVA, POSEIDON, and HADES.

Things started to go wrong in 3020 when a strange signal caused GAIA’s subordinate functions to become aware of AI systems. HADES proved to be the biggest troublemaker, as its role was to re-sterilize the world if GAIA’s repopulation attempts failed.

The feature was included to give GAIA a chance to make a second restocking attempt in case things go wrong. However, after the strange 3020 signal, HADES sought to reverse the terraforming of GAIA despite GAIA’s success. To make matters worse, HADES was able to create a virus that freed it and the other subordinate functions, allowing them to disassociate themselves from the facility they were trapped in and exist as separate entities.

Unable to control HADES, GAIA knew it would have to self-destruct. However, this would not completely eliminate HADES because it was now a free entity. Consequently, prior to self-destruction, GAIA cloned Dr. Sobeck in hopes that the clone would be as curious and intelligent as the original and could stop HADES. This clone is Aloy.

Horizon Zero Dawn and beyond

During the events of Horizon zero dawn, HADES can almost complete his nefarious plan, aided by a human named Sylens who agrees to help HADES in exchange for knowledge of the Old World. Fortunately, HADES is stopped by Aloy, who overrides the AI. However, this does not mean the end of HADES; the entity is currently incarcerated by Sylens, and it is unclear what his intentions are.

Guerrilla Games has published some details about Horizon zero dawnsequel to West horizon forbidden. Aloy will travel to the Forbidden West to tackle a mysterious plague that ends with life. With the climatic disturbances caused and the destruction of nature in West horizon forbiddenIt seems that Aloy will once again assume a dishonest subordinate role. To find out what role Sylens and HADES will play, where the strange signal that activated HADES came from, and if Aloy will ever revive GAIA, players will have to wait for the game’s release.

West horizon forbidden Releases February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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