Sunday, June 26

Games With Gold: what are the first games of the year? • Console and Dashboard

The Games With Gold January are already a reality. We are facing free games for users of the paid service Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


Both Xbox Series X / S users and Xbox One and Xbox 360 users continue to receive games. The first of the year are NeuroVoider, Aground, Radiant Silvergun Y Space Invaders Infinity Gene, settling as January’s Games With Gold.

The first is a union between role-playing and shooting, defending a futuristic world from evil robots. The second takes us to a pixelated island, practicing crafting, mining and construction. Talking about Radiant Silvergun, we are facing a shooting arcade, marked by its frenzied action. By last, Space Invaders Infinity Gene he also uses shots and classic elements.

NeuroVoider can be enjoyed until January 31. Aground It will be available from January 16 to February 15. Radiant Silvergun until January 15 (can be played now) and Space Invaders Infinity Gene from January 16 to 31. All are compatible with Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The last two, also with Xbox 360.

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