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Final Fantasy 14 players, against Square Enix’s support for NFTs

The community of Final Fantasy XIV has not welcomed the statement published on January 1 by the president of Square Enix defending and supporting the technology blockchain and the NFTs. Some MMO players have shown concerned about a hypothetical inclusion of that technology in the video game and many others suggest that they stop playing if that occurs, they report from GameRant.

At subreddit dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV You can read dozens of user posts complaining and lamenting Square Enix’s support for NFTs. Some users threaten to quit the MMOwhile others respond with a touch of irony. The user ElectricInfatuation says: “On the bright side, si aaden NFT a [FF] XIV all of a sudden i will have a lot of free time“.” The NFTs are announced so that enough people leave it and the queues disappear, “he adds. RDAwesome.

This last user refers to the success of the game in recent months, which has caused the title is temporarily withdrawn from sale due to the lack of servers that accommodate all users. As of October 2021, the 24 million players, an increase of two million over the figure announced in April. Final Fantasy XIV Is the game profitable ms of the saga although it did not start its journey on the right foot, because after a wrong launch in 2010 the title was redesigned and republished as A Realm Reborn in 2013.

From playing for fun to playing to win

The Square Enix statement that has angered a sector of the gamers defends the transition of the play “to have fun” by “play to contribute”, in the words of Yosuke Matsuda, president and CEO of the Japanese company. In his New Year’s letter, the CEO defends the appeal to new audiences of being able to profit by gambling. Likewise, he says that the application of the NFTs is “one of the main strategies” of the firm for this year. You can read more about NFT and its implication in the industry of the video game in this report.

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