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Epic Games Store Free Gods Will Fall Game Explained

Gods Will Fall will be free in Epic Games Story starting January 6, but as an obscure title, here’s what fans need to know before downloading.

The Epic Games Store has officially started the new year, ending their mystery game promotion by giving away the Tomb Raider trilogy free and unveiling the game that will be given away on January 6. As it has always been, this title will be free on January 6, it will stay free until January 13 at 10 AM CT, and at the same time, on January 13, the game will be revealed for fans to look forward to.

The gods will fall is the january 6 game that will replace Tomb Raider trilogy on the Epic Games store, but it’s a bit dark. This is what EGS users should know before their free time period on the platform.

Epic Games Store: Gods Will Fall Story and Features

The gods will fall takes place in a world where the gods have abused their dominion over humanity, demanding blind worship. Those who resist will meet death, and players will be able to experience warriors coming together in this difficult shared situation to end it. Players will form a clan of 8 Celtic warriors and face the rhythms and minions of the kingdom of each god. On the surface, it looks like a game similar to hell, and that makes sense given the general nature of it and the roguelike / difficult aspects of The gods will fall, but the comparisons are only superficial.

Each ancient god (there are ten in the game) features a deadly lair, also known as a dungeon crawl, and each location is supposedly more deadly than the last. Players gather their clans in The gods will fall, and each one is equipped with its own unique type of weapon. Each warrior is also randomly generated with unique backgrounds, body types, and the like. What The gods will fall describes these characteristics, “Success is hard-earned and brings unique skills, weapons, and items, but failure will see the challenger imprisoned and screaming for salvation.”

An Overworld connects these dungeons, shedding some light on the dark depths of each dungeon. This also allows for some replayability, as each route and realm is different.

Epic Games Store: Gods Will Fall Gameplay

As for the gameplay, The gods will fall describes his combat as a “game and play … that is easy to learn but difficult to master.” This is achieved through standard combos of light and heavy attacks, as well as weapons with unique perks such as dual wields or spears. Killing the minions weakens each god, but players cannot predict the difficulty of each kingdom. Thanks to the procedural generation of The gods will fall, the easiest kingdom of God could become the hardest from game to game. Defeating each god, of course, comes with its own rewards, weapons, and hits in the story.

Unique in such a game is how choices impact the player’s warriors. Players can get trapped by a God, or even die when a friend must try to save that character. Sometimes, The gods will fall Characters can die permanently thanks to the game’s Permadeath mechanic, and this not only affects the loss of that character, but also the other warriors. All of this is woven into the backstories and character development of each warrior, and is something unique to see.

General, The gods will fall It features a Metascore of 70 on PC and a user score of 5.3 via Metacritic, indicating mixed or average reception (if trending down). Still, the beauty of free games is that, well, they are free, but also that players can sometimes find a personal gem in the rough. Fans can find out for themselves how they feel The gods will fall, free, from January 6.

Epic Games Store users get a handful of free games every month.

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