Saturday, June 25

DriveClub creator will announce his new game in 2022 and it won’t be driving

Director of DriveClub announce your new game in 2022, but after years dedicating himself to racing titles, this time leave driving behind to explore another unspecified genre. As has been announced Paul Rustchynsky, who joined Avalanche Studios from Codemasters following the closure of Evolution Studios by Sony.

“In 2021 we opened a new studio in Liverpool, an exciting time for me that has led me to achieve one of my professional goals, “says Rustchynsky on Twitter.” In 2022 we will announce the game I have been in working for the past year“. The developer clarifies in the same social network that it should not be a racing game.

“So sorry, it’s not a sequel to DRIVECLUB, a successor to MotorStorm or a descendant of ONRUSH. This is something very different from anything I have ever worked on before“Rustchynsky sentenced. In addition, he assures that the project is a new intellectual property, and anticipates: “More projects are being worked on at Avalanche than most people would ever hope!”

Rustchynsky was design director at Evolution Studios, where he worked on several installments of MotorStorm before directing DriveClub. Sony closed that company in 2016, but Codemasters hired many of its employees under a new label: Codemasters EVO. That’s where I was born Onrush, a title that did not succeed in sales. In 2018, according to Eurogamer, several of the main names of the equipment left it and the seal maintained to help the development of other titles of the study.

Avalanche also works in Contraband

Avalanche Studios are responsible for the saga Just Cause, from Rage 2, from Mad Max and of Contraband, the title that Xbox Game Studios will edit. In the summer of 2020 they announced the formation of the Liverpool team. “We have several games in development and this is just the beginning of what promises to be another exciting decade for all of Avalanche Studios,” said Pim Holfve, CEO at the time.

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