Sunday, June 26

Complaints about chaotic development at Ghost Story Games, Ken Levine’s studio

Employees of Ghost Story Games, studio of Ken levine made up of a small group from Irrational Games, have shown complaints with the creator’s work system BioShock in a report published today in Bloomberg. These people have anonymously expressed that the development of the game they have been working on for seven and a half years is a real hell, that has undergone multiple restarts and course changes that have affected the mental health of workers.

According to these people, Levine is someone with whom it is very difficult to work Due to the constant changes of mind that it reflects during the development process, which is why the production of this new video game, of which we still do not know the name, would be causing chaos for the employees. The last we heard from the Ghost Story Games project is that it had reached its final stage of production in November 2020, something that the studio itself specified in job offers in which they were looking for new developers.

Too ambitious a project

Apparently, as expressed in the Bloomberg article, the ambition of the project has also had to do with the problems that development has gone through: Levine has always tried to keep a very small team (he started with 11 employees, but grew to about 35 people), and even so wanted to get a triple A product for which he would not have enough staff. The director himself has said on occasion that this new video game is “ambitious” and “very immersive”.

There are also complaints regarding the excessive freedom that Take-Two Interactive, publisher of the game from Ghost Story Games, has left the studio of Ken Levine. Certain employees believe that what at the beginning was something idyllic has been able to turn against the project by not having any type of quality control. Neither the company nor the development studio, as well as Ken Levine, have wanted to comment on the publication of this article.

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