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Cobra Kai’s Terry Silver Believes He Can Be Redeemed, Says Thomas Ian Griffith

Cobra Kai star Thomas Ian Griffith says his character Terry Silver believes he can be redeemed, even though he emerged as the show’s big baddie.

[The following contains spoilers for season 4 of Cobra Kai]

Cobra Kai Star Thomas Ian Griffith says his character Terry Silver still believes he can be redeemed. Griffith originated the character of Cobra Kai Silver co-founder in the largely forgotten sequel. The Karate Kid Part III.

Despite occupying a rather dark place in Karate kid story, Silver was surprisingly teased as a character reaching the end of Cobra Kai season 3, then actually came on board in season 4 as a major player. Indeed, Silver’s role in season 4 would turn out to be bigger than anyone expected, as he gave up his life of leisure to join his old friend from the Vietnam War, John Kreese (Martin Kove), in the Cobra Kai dojo address. But Silver’s intriguing and manipulative ways proved to go beyond even Cobra Kai’s normal villainy, as he not only manipulated the All Valley tournament in Tory’s (Peyton List) favor, but also framed Kreese for attacking Stingray ( Paul Walter Hauser). and they put him in jail.

After Silver’s appearance as the true great evil of Cobra Kai, it’s fair to wonder if the character has any chance of redemption in future seasons. Talking to ColliderGriffith himself left open whether Silver is redeemable, but said that he believes Silver thinks he’s right, despite the horrible things he did to wrest Cobra Kai from Kreese and prepare for more important things. Griffith said:

“Now, is he right about that? It goes to the extreme, but I think that is due to the background that it has had and the lack of love for a simplistic way of looking at it, but how it expresses it. But you always hope it is redeemable in some way. And I believe that he believes in his heart, not only to be redeemable, but that you will be redeemed because you were going through thick and thin. Everyone said this was wrong, but you believed in it, you got engaged. “

Silver, of course, is supposedly motivated by his desire to help children, which in his mind requires him to open Cobra Kai franchises throughout the Valley. However, after his actions in season 4, it’s fair to wonder if the motive for “helping the kids” is completely honest on Silver’s part. Whatever the case, by the end of season 4, Silver has proven to be much more of a snake than even Kreese. Becoming a bigger bad boy than Kreese is a huge accomplishment for any character, and it seems Cobra Kai now he’s given fans a new villain to poke fun at as the story continues into season 5.

Of course, the possibility of redemption is always on the table in Cobra Kai, a program that has allowed characters as “bad” as Karate kid villain Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and even John Kreese himself a chance to tell his side of the story and be at least better understood, if not exactly understanding. Whether Silver achieves any redemptive measures in Season 5, of course, depends on whether he curbs his deceptive acts or continues to escalate villainy in his quest to control karate in the Valley. From a dramatic point of view, it might actually be more valuable to Cobra Kai to keep Silver a villain at least for the moment, while continuing to remind audiences that even the bad guys have their reasons.

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