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Bachelor Premiere: Why Clayton Echard’s Season Will Be Disappointing

Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor is likely to be disappointing, and could simply be due to poor casting decisions and a questionable editing.

The Bachelor It opens Monday and franchise star Clayton Echard is likely to lead a season that will be disappointing for fans who have been forced to wait a couple of weeks without any Bachelor content – a rarity these days. This is not a blow to Clayton, who of course appears to be a generous man with a genuine desire to find true love. It’s more of an accusation about the general direction of The Bachelor, which has been lagging in quality to High school in recent years.

In particular, the franchise has dropped the ball on the selection of male leads in recent years. Arie Luyendyk Jr. was pulled out of obscurity and ended up overwhelmed by the most crucial decision on the show. It broke the mainstay of the Becca Kufrin franchise in a confusingly public way. Then instead of picking Becca’s season fan favorite Jason Mesnick, The Bachelor left with Colton Underwood, trying too hard on the fact that he was a virgin in a decision that has backfired spectacularly. The next season, despite fanbase proposals to cast its first black lead in Mike Johnson, the franchise cast Peter Weber, who might be the worst bachelor in the show’s history. After George Floyd’s murder and the protests that followed, the franchise had no choice but to cast a lead black role, and instead of casting a previous cast member, of which there were many eligible bachelors, it decided to cast the best friend of a fan. favorite Tyler Cameron, Matt James. While he was a useful lead, and deserves some credit for continuing to date his chosen person, his season was engulfed in controversy created by then-host Chris Harrison.

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What plagued Matt’s season was also bullying and nasty comments among the contestants, a trend that will likely continue into Clayton’s season. While the franchise has come a long way in the selection of diverse contestants and leads, Michelle’s season featured the first black couple in The Bachelor The High school – Producers haven’t learned yet that drama doesn’t have to come in the form of people who are bad to each other just for the sake of being bad.

Clayton apparently falls in love with three women in his season, indicating that he may be the victim of some of the indecisions that caused Ben Higgins to earn the ire of fans. This lack of instinct to know who he loves could turn the cast members against each other. It will be good television if the tension is respectful, as it has been with most of the men who have gone far in each of the last Bachelorette seasons.

However, there is still a disparity in how the show edits male contestants versus how it portrays its female contestants. This season of The Bachelor It would be better if she released fewer Wins (referring to the three Wins from the last two seasons) and more women interested in finding love rather than trying to build her platform by excluding other women in the house. Clayton may be easy to support, but ultimately, he doesn’t make the decisions about the cast. That will probably be the main reason his season is criticized.

The Bachelor premieres Monday at 8 pm EST on ABC.

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