Wednesday, July 6

The LEGO set of Sonic: Green Hill Zone is now a reality • Console and Dashboard

The LEGO Ideas platform left us, a while ago, a design of a Sonic set that is now a reality. With her, the community shares their proposals and, if they receive enough votes, LEGO he considers adding them to his catalog.


Thanks to Viv Grannell, author of the idea, we can enjoy Sonic The Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone. Or, at least, those who are willing to empty their pockets, since this set costs 69.99 euros.

With the new year, comes this recreation, which represents the union between LEGO and the most famous blue hedgehog of all time. The term “authenticity” accompanies its presentation, since all the elements it includes are created with attention to detail.

We see Sonic and Dr.Eggman, but also a palm tree or a bridge with looping that allows Defy gravity, as in the video games of the series. As if it were a platform game, we will move our protagonist through different levels, collecting rings. Once we have the Chaos Emeralds, we can wear them on the support intended for them. The whole set has dimensions of 36 centimeters wide and 17 high. Includes an exhibition base.

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