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The 5 most important moments of Yellowstone season 4 episode 8

In Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 8, titled “No Kindness for the Coward,” the Duttons are getting their hands dirty. With co-creator and writer Taylor Sheridan at the helm this week, it’s no wonder we’re taking another look at Paramount + ‘s OG Dutton family. 1883 in what we assume is the winter of 1893. In the flashback, steely Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) teaches her sons John Sr. (Jack Michael Doke) and Spencer (Charlie Stover) in the art of grace at the table. Dinner, and her husband, James (Tim McGraw), and his men chase a group of horse thieves in a thrilling sequence. Despite being seriously injured, James growls at the surviving thief as his dead partners are chained: “I don’t care if you live or die, but if you do, tell them about me.” James collapses in front of the family’s cabin when he returns home, praying, “You can’t live so that I die here. They will not succeed. ” This can’t be how the Dutton Patriarch comes out, can it?

Back in the present, an irate Jamie (Wes Bentley) seeks the advice of his biological father, Garrett (Will Patton) and his son’s mother / former campaign manager Christina (Katherine Cunningham) about his chances against his adoptive father John ( Kevin Costner). ) in the governor’s election. Summer Higgins (Piper Pearbo) has started her protest at the Market Equities construction site for the airport, allowing Beth (Kelly Reilly) to begin her takedown of the investment firm from within. In 6666 in Texas, Jimmy (Jefferson White) and the spunky ranch vet Emily (Kathryn Kelly) go out on their first date, and very agitated. Back near the Broken Rock Indian Reservation at her new home, Monica (Kelsey Asbille) shares great news with Kayce (Luke Gimes) and Tate (Brecken Merrill).

Let’s take a look at the 5 most important moments from Episode 8 that will have repercussions for the rest of the season.


After his quiet and restrained public reaction to the fact that Montana Gov. Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz) endorsed John instead of him, Jamie gets a well-deserved scare in private. When Garrett tells Jamie that he can still win, Jamie exclaims, “How? Every politician in the state owes him a favor. All he had was name recognition, but it’s his name, and now he has it. He’s going to use everything against me. He’s going to use you against me. ” Garrett assures Jamie that John won’t do that because Jamie knows all about the skeletons in John’s closet. He urges Jamie to meet up with John and threaten to tell the world about his new family and the fact that Garrett murdered Jamie’s mother. Garrett confidently asserts: “We control the narrative. I acted in defense of my only son. That is all the world gets to know. You are the attorney general. You can seal the record. “

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When Jamie asks Christina if he’s a fool for running, she tells him, “He’s the fool, Jamie. Who is going to vote for him? What, the environmentalists? The transplants of New York or Los Angeles? To them, he is the face of everything in this world that they have been taught to despise. A 60-year-old white landowner. Use everything that is against him. ” With his breath, Jamie approaches John for a long-awaited tête-Ã -tête.


When Beth told Summer in the last episode that her battle against market stocks would require “effort, strategy, sacrifice, risk … real risk,” she wasn’t kidding! As Summer and her 100-plus protesters occupy the airport’s construction site, Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) and her second-in-command, Ellis Steele (John Emmet Tracy), immediately consider press charges. . Beth, seeing her opportunity, advises against doing it publicly, suggesting instead: “Get the press out of there. It’s private property, right? Once we get the press out of there, we no longer have to be careful. Once the press is gone, you can press charges, right? And then the sheriff’s department can get them out of their hippie hair. “

Beth, Yellowstone
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Beth follows the steps of telling the press to leave, but not without receiving business cards with contact information. When Summer calls Beth later to inform her that the police will be coming to drag the protesters off the ground with tear gas and force, Beth alerts the local press, which is covering the story. With more than 117 protesters arrested and charged with burglary, criminal mischief and failure to disperse and Summer charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, the protest on the Market Equities site is paramount to national coverage. Beth knows and calls the New York Times. Look, Caroline Warner. His movement.


After seeing Jimmy’s cowboy hat all dirty from a hard day’s work, Emily invites him to dinner. When he says he has to shower first and his trailer is two hours away, Emily flirts and tells him that the horse wash is open. In a classic Jimmy move, he strips naked and starts cleaning, and Emily is surprised to walk on him naked in the barn. She laughs and says, “There is a shower in the Bunkhouse. When I said the washing rack, I was being shy. ” Embarrassed, Jimmy squawks: “It’s kind of hard to put into words how uncomfortable I feel right now.”

Jimmy y Emily, Yellowstone
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After meeting over a meal at a cafe in Paducah, Jimmy takes the good doctor home. “It’s my first date with a Texan, so I really don’t know the protocol,” Jimmy tells Emily. As they say goodnight on her porch, Emily says, “Now is the hard part. Should you kiss her? If you don’t and she wanted you to, she’ll think you don’t like her. If you do it and she’s not ready, you have another problem… ask yourself, Jimmy, what would a cowboy do? Spurred on by her words, Jimmy kisses each other and the two spend the night together. While this new romance is exciting, it’s still a bit shocking that Jimmy was able to get over Mia (Eden Brolin) so quickly, but hey, who are we to judge?


After an awkward conversation with Tate while coming out of the bathroom, Monica tells Kayce that she needs the birds and bees to chat with her son. Kayce responds, “She grew up on a ranch… she knows everything you need to know about sex. One day when I am 16 years old, I will sit him down and tell him why he shouldn’t until he gets married and I will promise myself. On a Friday night, he will go out, meet a girl, fall in love and fuck like rabbits until they break up or she gets pregnant. That’s exactly what happened to us. “

Monica feliz, yellowstone
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Monica kisses him and says, “There was something I forgot to mention… we did it again. Fucked like rabbits until I got pregnant. ” Kayce is excited, as is Monica, and tells Tate that he will be a brother. “You are going to have a baby? I knew those weren’t naps you were taking. Yuck! ” Tate exclaims. I guess Tate doesn’t need that sex talk after all!


As Rip and John head into town for lunch, John tells Rip of his plan to go see his friend and ally, Sheriff Donnie (Alcalde de Kingstown co-creator Hugh Dillion), to identify the man who arranged the coup against the Duttons, Terrell Riggins. They are surprised to see the sheriff in the window of the Ruby’s Café, not drinking or eating, just looking straight ahead like all the other customers. Rip and John quickly said the restaurant was being robbed.

Donnie, Yellowstone
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They are both armed, so John sneaks out the back and into the kitchen while Rip creates a distraction out front. When a shooting begins, Sheriff Donnie joins in, only to be shot in the chest. With all the thieves dead or subdued, John turns to his lifelong friend. Donnie asks John to call his daughter so he can hear his voice one last time before he dies. Donnie has been an important ally for the Duttons, covering up many of the family’s most questionable moments. We will miss him very much.

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