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Square Enix hopes that NFTs and blockchain technology will prevail in video games

Yosuke Matsuda, presidente de Square Enix, has shown the company’s interest in one of the industry trends that is being talked about the most in the last year, NFTs and technology blockchain. NFTs are digital objects or information that are stored in a data chain, allowing the purchase and sale of these NFTs – for example, appearances, weapons or characters from a video game. Many companies have started selling their NFTs, most recently Ubisoft, and others like EA call it “the future of the industry.”

But NFTs also have many detractors due to the carbon footprint that digital certificates create, and this opposition is holding back their adoption. Steam, the leading PC game store, has banned games of this type, and Phil Spencer of Xbox has criticized them. The creators of STALKER 2 They dropped this idea after announcing it.

Matsuda ensures that blockchain games “have the potential to enable self-sustained growth” by promoting a concept of “play to win” – digital goods. He also recognized the cynicism around blockchain, but claimed that it might attract a new audience. He does not rule out introducing his own cryptocurrency in future games.

User-generated content

“I know that some people ‘play for fun’ and that the majority of gamers today have shown reservations towards this trend, and it is understandable. However, I think there are a number of people whose motivation is to ‘play to contribute’, which I think makes the game more exciting. The traditional game has not given an explicit incentive to this group of players, “says Matsuda.

NFT enters Square Enix's plans

The possibility of obtaining digital creations (UGS) will revitalize the content generated by users, according to the president of Square Enix “with the advances in the economies of token, users will have explicit incentives“because it creates tangible benefit to your creative efforts.

Incorporating these “decentralized games” into the Square Enix catalog will be “one of the main strategies” of the study for this 2022. No games have been mentioned, but one where this type of system could be used to create an item market would be Final Fantasy XIV.

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