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RUMOR: CoD: Modern Warfare II will have a gameplay very similar to Rainbow Six Siege | Levelup

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Although the name and the first details of the next installment of Call of Duty, recent rumors indicate that it will be the sequel to Modern Warfare 2019. While we wait for Infinity Ward and Activision to confirm or deny these reports, now a well-known insider revealed what appears to be a new game mode that will undoubtedly cause debate in the community.

Specifically, the insider RalphsValve used his Twitter account to reveal the first details of “Attackers Vs. Defenders”, a game mode for the hypothetical multiplayer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II which, according to its description, bears many similarities to Rainbow Six Siege.

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This could be the new game mode of Call of Duty

According to user RalphsValve, in this mode there will be 2 sides: defenders and attackers. The former must guard a target, so it will be necessary to design strategies and use hidden locations, cameras and booby traps. In addition, the destruction of the stage will play an important role, so players can fortify their location to slow down the opposing team, which will win the round if they manage to conquer the objective.

On the other hand, Attackers Vs. Defenders will have a different health system. According to the informant, players will be able to receive different types of injuries: minor, serious and fatal. Apparently, the attacking team will be able to use “turnstiles” to help their teammates, although this action will take time.

It is undeniable that this description reminds us of the general core of Rainbow Six Siege. Of course, RalphsValve’s post caused mixed reactions. Some expressed interest in the gameplay, while others lashed out at it for its similarities to Ubisoft’s tactical shooter.

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It is important to note that this information lacks official confirmation, so we recommend taking it with a grain of salt. After all, we don’t even know for sure if the next title in the franchise will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Given this, it is best to be restrained and wait for a formal announcement by Activision.

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But tell us, would you like this game mode to be real? Let us read you in the comments.

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