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Pokémon GO: art would reveal first creatures that will debut in 2022 | Levelup

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Pokémon GO It is always up to date and its players were able to say goodbye to 2021 with a great in-game event with creatures dressed for the occasion. The title is now in the middle of its 6th year, and while 2022 has just begun, Niantic has more content in store and has already shared a hint of the new characters that will debut soon.

The company responsible for the title had already revealed the first details of the events that will take place in January, as well as information about the Legacy Season. However, there was no mention of the first new creatures that will appear in the title.

The good news is that the developer has already begun to excite the users of the title, because with the arrival of the New Year, it released a new loading screen and in it, naturally, there is a new commemorative art. The interesting thing is that several creatures appear in the illustration that are not yet available in the title, suggesting that they will debut in the next few weeks.

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Flabébé and Helioptile would be on their way to Pokémon GO

We are talking precisely about Flabébé and Helioptile, creatures originally discovered in Generation VI, in Kalos. In total, we are talking about 5 new species, as these creatures can evolve into Floette, Florges (Flabébé) and Heliolisk (Helioptile).

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Image: Niantic (via reddit, rslxag)

Helioptile will apparently require a Sun Stone, according to the games in the main series. Although Flabébé will apparently evolve through Candy, its addition will be interesting, since it is of the kind of Pokémon that has many variants, which change the color of its petals in its 3 evolutionary phases. There are 5 colors, red, orange, yellow, blue and white, so there will be a total of 15 different Pokémon in the evolutionary line of Flabébé. It is unknown if Niantic will add these creatures the same around the world (like Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist in their different forms) or if the forms will be regional (like some Furfrou cuts).

It is important to say that while it is very common for new creatures to appear on official loading screens or artwork from Pokémon GO end up debuting early in the game, it’s not 100% sure. We say this because there are few cases in which this rule is not followed, such as the 4th and 6th anniversary illustration, in which you can see creatures like Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Lucario, which have not yet made their debut in the title. . However, there are many other occasions when it has been fulfilled, such as with Hoopa and its loading screen.

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Pokémon GO is available on mobile devices. You can find more news related to this title if you visit our minisite dedicated to it.

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