Monday, December 5

Mushroom Wars 2 is coming this month to consoles • Console and Dash

Mushroom Wars 2 it will be a reality in a few days. On January 13, it will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, transferring real-time strategy to consoles.


This colorful proposal allows us to control mushroom-shaped fighters, applying a real-time strategy. We face our friends in a renewed interface.

We can enjoy it alone, through its single player campaign, or in company, with its multiplayer battles for up to four participants. Either one way or another, we will need fast reflexes and the ability to monitor thousands of units at the same time.

We will choose our favorite hero or the one who best suits the style of play, with which to take the battlefield. In total, we will find twelve different ones, belonging to four tribes. It will be time to unleash your special abilities, with which to defeat the enemy troops. It’s the work of Zillion Whales.

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