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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should bring back the Amazing Spider-Man comics

While there is a lot about The Amazing Spider-Man to avoid, its collectibles could be a nice addition to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has a clear path to success, as Insomniac Games defined the core mechanics in its first two hero-based games. Assuming the developer expands on everything that worked in previous entries in the franchise, and that the story being told about Venom and Kraven The Hunter lives up to expectations, fans could end up with a sequel that surpasses the already excellent original.

Along with a new lineup of villains and expected content like side quests and unlockable outfits, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 it will surely have some new things to do within its open world. While it’s unclear what Insomniac will add to make its latest version of New York feel special and full of things to do, you should consider incorporating the collectible comics from the bonding game based on The amazing Spider Man.

Why The Amazing Spider-Man Comics Deserve A Return

While The amazing Spider Man The games were repetitive and mediocre, the former offering excellent collectibles. These came in the form of comic books, or rather comic pages. Players could tour the city collecting 700 pages, and players could unlock comics after collecting a certain number of pages. Players would unlock a 5-page book, a 15-page book, and so on. A total of 10 books can be unlocked, and players can read each issue in its entirety.

This was an excellent reward for Spider-Man fans as it gave them something meaningful after their entire collection. Once players complete Marvel’s Spider-Man 2of the story, they’re likely in the mood for more Spidey-themed content. While they could turn to other video games or the many live-action movies starring the hero, they could also turn to comics. If this type of collection were to return, players would be able to read some of the hero’s best stories on the game’s menus, without needing to buy the books or track down free copies of them online.

A nice touch tied to the collectible comic books was that they all featured integral characters. The amazing Spider Man universe. Players would read books that featured The Lizard or Gwen Stacy, with other characters also appearing in the tie game. This allowed players to explore the history of the characters they came to know through the game, which could be very beneficial for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Players could collect and read pages of the iconic Kraven’s Last Hunt history, while other comics might show you different versions of Venom, like Agent Venom and Anti-Venom. This could give newcomers an insight into characters they may have first met in the game, while longtime fans can easily compare the versions of Insomniac’s villains to those that appear in the comics. Players can also get a comic book-inspired outfit like the Vintage outfit right from the start. Spider-Man de Marvel game once all comics have been collected.

This is not to say that the collectibles in Spider-Man de Marvel They haven’t been great so far, as the story-packed backpacks from the original game are just as good as the collectibles. While those should come back, some readable comics should be included along with them. Pages could be added after the story is over so the open world doesn’t feel crowded, giving players a final activity that gives them a reason to roam the city a bit more. With Miles Morales and Peter Parker set to appear in the sequel, Insomniac has no shortage of comics to transform into collectibles.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 It is scheduled to release in 2023 on PS5.

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