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Journalist affirms that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is possible | Levelup

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It was on December 28 when a rumor was released stating that Andrew Garfield would star again in a movie by Spider-Man. However, such information was shared on April Fools’ Day and many fell. Despite this, a journalist assures that it could happen.

All the euphoria that the possible return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield caused in Spider-Man: No Way Home made the fans go further. Now, there are many people asking for new movies with said actors once again embodying Spider-Man alone.

Will we see the actor again as Peter Parker?

Because of this, the rumors about his return, especially Garfield’s, are getting louder and even the magazine Forbes wrote an article (yes, a serious one) about it, where they affirm that there will be The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

As you surely remember, and after The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a movie of The Sinister 6, which was canceled along with any possibility of a third installment with Peter Parker. And if we add to that that Sony made an agreement with Marvel to fully enter the MCU, everything indicated that it was the end of Garfield as the superhero.

However, journalist Mark Hughes believes that it is quite likely that Andrew Garfield will return as Spider-Man in a movie, and that the project could even be revived. The Sinister 6.

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It is worth mentioning that for the most part, the article by Forbes It is speculation, but we cannot forget that Hughes is recognized for being right on other issues, a good example is the cut of the League of Justice by Zack Snyder.

We can only wait to find out if Andrew Garfield can really star in a movie again. Spider-Man, something that would undoubtedly be to the taste of all fans.

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