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Jaime Mata: “It was unthinkable to be out of the descent at this point”

Land the League to be starting gun in this 2022 and he does it with a derby at the Alfonso Prez Coliseum. Real Madrid visit a Getafe who is experiencing his best moment of the season after leaving the relegation places for the first time. At MARCA we have been with Jaime Mata, Azuln forward, who has shared how he has lived his Christmas and analyzes the clash against those of Ancelotti, as well as the moment that the azulones they go through in the championship.

How was Christmas?
Well, very calm at home with the families and avoiding contacts, avoiding a lot of exposure and protecting the most vulnerable and facing training that does not involve inconveniences. To infect yourself is to stop again, to stay apart when it comes to the physical issue.
Today starts the year with yours …
Yes, I think it is extremely important that the attendance of the public can be maintained, that it can be enjoyed. Between all of us we are taking that little step that we need.
Is Madrid coming at your best moment?
Yes, it is clear that in the end you are playing against the leader, against an outstanding leader, who has very clear ideas. In the end we play at home, we are in good dynamics, the team is confident, with all the people by our side we can get a good result.

We play at home, we are in good dynamics and the team is confident

It’s been a decade since Azulona’s last victory against Real Madrid …
Yes, it is clear that it is Real Madrid, which is very difficult, the data and records say that it is ten years. Neither the good lasts forever nor the bad either, the day is coming when we achieve victory.
What Real Madrid do you expect?
It will be a Real Madrid that, as you say, goes first, with solvency, they do things well and have clear ideas. with work and training we have to try to curb their strengths that we know what they are.
Have you been surprised by Vinicus’s explosion this year?
I think it was to be expected, that type of signings in the big clubs that have been seen to be like that, young people who need their time. Clubs know how to give you peace of mind and confidence. The moment comes that they explode and that is how Vinicus is showing it. You are seeing the performance it can give.

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What did the victory against Osasuna mean?
It was vital for us to get that victory that would make us see that after that start of the season we started the year off the break, fully involved in the fight. I think on a mental level it was important to go home those days with that victory, with that position and the team shows it in each session.
What has Quique changed in the team?
I think it is football and football has components that are not understood, so that things work out for you or not. Everything was tried with Michel and we were not capable. With Quique is arriving, each one is giving the systems and approaches that they create. We are having that point that gives that confidence to develop ourselves and we see that things turn out.
Expected to be off the descent by now?
As we were, it was unthinkable that at a time like now, before finishing the first lap, be out of the descent. None of us had it in mind but you realize that, that in the end winning how everything has changed. Equality is absolute, not only you, there are more teams suffering. There is a point where you become obsessed with your situation and now you are no longer the only one, you have fully immersed yourself.

Everything was tried with Michel and we were not capable. With Quique is coming

What is collectively asking for 2022?
Well, I mainly ask him to stay for Getafe, which is going to be a complicated lap, with maximum equality, which is going to be decided in detail.
And personally?
Honestly, a lot of health, that I can recover from the injury, that I can be 100% available, train with peace of mind, confidence, and above all I ask for health for the family. Much health.
What would you say to this society?
Above all, I think that you have to have a lot of unity, a lot of conscience, it is a serious situation. In the end it depends on everyone, there is nothing left but to take care of ourselves, us and those who are close to us. I ask everyone for good health.
And to the Coliseum?
That they continue with that reaction that they have had in bad times, as they have come to encourage us to important pre-matches, who at all times encourage us knowing that they are an important piece, they are fully aware that we need them.


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