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Genshin’s Impact Leak May Reveal Yae Miko’s Constellations

A recent leak from Genshin Impact apparently reveals the constellations of one of the upcoming electro-characters: Yae Miko.

Impacto de Genshin has conquered the industry with a huge player base that continues to grow by the day. One of Impacto de GenshinThe main features is its unique character design, both visually and traditionally.

New character additions always generate a lot of excitement about each new update. The official Impacto de Genshin The 2.4 Livestream event has confirmed two new polearm characters, Shenhe and Yun Jin.

Rumors and leaks are very common in the world of Impacto de Genshin, and interesting information about Yae Miko has appeared numerous times over the past few weeks. Since her appearances in two update trailers, Yae Miko has become a fan-favorite character, so many are obviously excited to hear more about her arrival. A recent leak on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has apparently revealed more information about Yae, including her Constellations. Click here to see the full Reddit thread.

Yae Miko was previously rumored to be one of the strongest DPS characters in the game, on par with Ganyu, Hu Tao, and Xiao. According to the leak, Yae Miko’s constellations will have the following effect:

  • C1: Every time Heavenly Fox activates a Lethal Sakura Thunderbolt, Yae recovers 7 Energy
  • C2: Lethal Sakura’s cooldown is reduced by 20% and her AoE is increased by 100%
  • C4: All teammates receive a 20% electrical damage buff for five seconds after Yae’s Lethal Sakura activates Heavenly Fox
  • C6: When a lethal Sakura is created, its starting level is raised to two and its maximum level is increased by four. These attacks will ignore 45% of the enemy’s Defense.

Formerly other Impacto de Genshin The leak revealed a timeline for future content, and claims that Yae Miko will debut in update 2.5. The same leaker was the first to accurately predict the arrival of the new Enkanomiya region, so the information is worth considering. When it comes to its type of weapon, there is currently no official information. However, the character’s design largely indicates that her element will be Electro, which is no surprise as she is heavily tied to the Inazuma region.

According to the usual miHoYo update schedule, Impacto de Genshin Version 2.5 should arrive around February 16, 2022. Yae Miko is expected to arrive along with another double banner replay, which is becoming a pattern from the official Impacto de Genshin 2.4 Livestream has confirmed previous rumors that Xiao and Ganyu will get their own double replay in update 2.4.

Impacto de Genshin It is available now for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5 and a Nintendo Switch version in development.

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