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Etapa 1 of the Dakar Rally, en directo: Ha’il-Ha’il

Stage 1 of the 2022 Dakar Rally, a loop in Ha’il. First serious day in the mythical raid. Al-Attiyah defends the lead in cars and Daniel Sanders, in motorcycles. Dunes are already expected from the start and a variety of terrain later in the 334 kilometers of special.

7:01: Quintanilla, 1

The Chilean reaches the first point, the one at km 79 and surpasses Sunderland. That’s right, for just 2 seconds. This year, Pablo has switched to Honda and does not suffer from adaptation.

6:58: Brabec takes off the car

Ricky reaches the second crossing point, the one at km 121. He does it in the lead and opens the track, since he has caught Giemza, who, therefore, is 9 minutes from the North American. He also has Luciano Benavides glued to him. Now it should cost the American more.

6:55: The motorcycles leave from there

This is the exact starting point of the special. There is sun, although some cold

6:52: Equality on motorcycles

This is the beauty of the Dakar on motorcycles. Or at least one of the attractive circumstances that you have. At least 10 drivers have serious options to win the final victory. KTM and Honda offer great performance, Yamaha seeks revenge and their mounts are going. A show in the desert.

6:49: Sunderland can with Price

This beginning is beautiful and equal. Now it is Sam Sunderland who takes first place at km 79. He puts 5 seconds to Price. Thrilling

6:46: Price beats Barreda

Toby, with his KTM, achieves the first time at the point of km 79. He overtakes the Spaniard by 35 seconds. The Australian, one of the favorites, wants to regain the crown for the Austrians … and for himself.

6:43: Quads leave

The Chilean Pedemonte is the first to leave. Andjar, the winner in the category in 2021 and trumpus in the prologue, starts fifth. This year there are only 20 quads, with two Spaniards: Toni Vingut and Lex Feliu.

6:41: Barreda, 1

Joan goes through km 79 and even improves to Ricky Brabec. The Spaniard gives his teammate 10 seconds. Good for Torreblanca. So yes.

6:40: The cars leave the camp

They leave the bivouac for the link to, later, face the special

6:37 Ricky Brabec shows the way

The American, winner in 2020 with Honda – the first Japanese triumph in decades – takes first place at km 79. He has already left behind Michek and Luciano Benavides, who have beaten him. He endorses 5:31 to Giemza and those 3 minutes to the Argentine.

6:36: Petrucci, ‘superstar’

Danilo exits. The former MotoGP rider is one of the stars of the Dakar 2022. His problems with the false positive at the start have put him even more in the spotlight. Everyone wanted him to be able to leave for his daring in this change of discipline and he has succeeded. He made a more than acceptable prologue and on top of that he has problems with an ankle from an injury preparing in Dubai. A titan. At the same time, he negotiates to see if after the raid he runs at speed, in the United States, in MotoAmerica.

6:30: Giemza reaches the first ‘way point’

The Pole, despite opening the track, is the first to set a time there. Sure they surpass him, but that pleasure no one takes it away

6:28: Photon with water

ASO offers spectacular snapshots. How is the motorcycle

6:25: Pedrero begins

The top 10 came out every 3 minutes. From 10 to 20, every 2 minutes and slide 21 onwards, every minute. Turn for Joan Pedrero. There are still no references to the first point, that of km 79. The start was hard and they take time.

6:18: How much does it cost to run the Dakar? How much do they earn?

Enrique Naranjo, MARCA’s special envoy in Saudi Arabia, explains all this in this interesting text

6:16 am: Santolino leaves

Lorenzo took it cautiously in the prologue and didn’t finish in the top 15. That is, it starts in 18th place and with fast people in front, like Sanders or De Soultrait. If you follow in their wake and hunt them you can make a great special.

6:13: Sale Sanders

The leader and winner of the prologue stage started: Daniel Sanders. The Australian gave GasGas the first partial victory in the legendary raid. He chose to go as far back as he could, 15 despite swallowing dust, at least initially. He is conservative, because he does not want to hear of getting to open track.

6:06: Morning joke

The Dakar jokes with a photo of Peterhansel: “When you forget the milk”, they put like pi “

5:55: Sainz will start ninth

The cars will start at 7:45 a.m., Spanish peninsular time. Open track Orly Terranova, partner of Loeb and Roma. Sainz will start ninth … with Al-Attiyah, right behind. Danger.

5:46: Barreda starts

Joan part six. In theory, it’s a good place because you neither need to be the one looking for the passage controls in the first place nor have a lot of dust in your sight. Let’s see the Castellón, who arrives in a ‘low profile’ plan.

5:37: Giemza opens track

It is the Polish Giemza who must open the trail.

The serious thing starts in the Dakar Rally 2022. After a more demanding prologue than usual, comes stage 1, a loop between Ha’il and Ha’il. Will be 334 kilometers especially in northern Saudi Arabia. Familiar terrain for many drivers who have competed here in the December World Cup rally. He gives away the first great images of the race. It will be a day with changes of rhythm, very much in the style of David Castera, the director of the event … and as it shows a start in dunes after which we move to faster sandy valleys. The first 15 of the prologue classification in motorcycles and the first 10 in cars have been able to choose their starting position.

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