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Epic! Seattle welcomes the new year with a Halo 2 song | Levelup

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The whole world prepared to greet the new year with open arms and in the hope that the next 12 months will be filled with joy. Naturally, each country and city welcomed 2022 with its own style; from fireworks that lit up the sky to concerts with international stars. However, the way in which the city of Seattle, United States, inaugurated the new cycle caught the attention of gamers from all over the planet.

As collected Tom Warren, editor of the portal The Verge, the iconic Space Needle tower in the city of Seattle, Washington, was illuminated and played the iconic title track of Halo 2 during the last minute of 2021. Once the clock struck midnight and the new year was officially upon us, citizens could hear the song Halo of the singer and actress Beyoncé.

Unsurprisingly, the moment, which was part of the news coverage of the King 5 station, managed to get the attention of local players and, of course, around the world. The clip in question quickly gained visibility on social media and hundreds of users expressed their envy and excitement in the comments. Without a doubt, listening to the melody of the video game is one of the most epic ways to ring in a new year.

Why did Seattle ring in the new year with a Halo song?

Now, it is undeniable that it is a bit strange that a main theme of a video game was the protagonist of the countdown. However, the musical choice for the event makes more sense than it seems.

What happens is that Bungie, original studio responsible for the franchise; 343 Industries, developer of the last 3 titles of Halo; and Xbox Game Studios are based in Washington state. Considering this, it seems quite appropriate that the song of Halo could be heard in Seattle, one of the most iconic and recognized cities in the state.

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But tell us, how did your city or country receive the new year? Let us read you in the comments.

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