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Clownfield 2042 succeeds while teasing Battlefield 2042 | Levelup

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A few days ago we talked to you about Clownfield 2042 (Clown Field 2042), a parody of Battlefield 2042 which came to offer a curious FPS on Steam, but not before making fun of the disappointing result of the game from EA and DICE. Now, it has just been reported that the title is receiving rave reviews from users.

Clownfield 2042 It was launched on December 31st and is a single player FPS that allows you to explore 3 maps, all to show your skills in explosive battles against bots in 3 game modes.

Have you tried this parody yet?

What most caught the attention of this game is that it is obviously a direct criticism of Battlefield 2042, and it is having a better result for users, who are rating it with very positive reviews on Steam.

If the Electronic Arts and DICE title was one of the biggest disappointments of 2021, Clownfield 2042 has become the favorite of gamers, who describe it as the “GOTY of 2022” or as “what Battlefield 2042 must be”.

There are even other users who confess that they have not been able to play it because it keeps loading, but still they are sure that it is a better experience than what is offered by the latest installment of Battlefield.

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Of course, many of the comments are simply to punish the final work that EA and DICE submitted, but there is no doubt that Clownfield 2042 is a good example of when fans want to be heard.

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Clownfield 2042 It is now available on Steam and you can get it for $ 12.05 MXN until next January 7.

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