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Clownfield 2042, a Battlefield 2042 parody, gets rave reviews on Steam

Battlefield 2042 It was launched last November and the reaction of the players has not been entirely positive: it shows some “mostly negative” criticism on Steam for some changes in the core of the game that the community did not like and certain bugs of its debut – albeit most are corrected. The funny thing is that a parody of the title of DICE and Electronic Arts released in recent days -on December 31 for less than one euro- s is applauded by the community, has a “very positive” review rating.

Clownfield 2042 is, as its name implies without much dissimulation, a mockery of Battlefield 2042 what includes the famous climatic effects and the destruction of the environment that stands out in Battlefield, but with a humorous perspective. “Clownfield 2042 is an FPS in which you take the role of a soldier equipped with six weapons with which to defeat enemies. After the crisis caused by the NFTs in 2022 most nations have collapsed “, says his description that speaks of a union of” non-Clowns “prepared for war.

“The next generation of fan favorites, Clownfare and Hovercraft Zone, includes the largest maps ever created to add as many AI-controlled characters as your PC can handle,” with “mediocre weather and global events like a tornado.” Among its characteristics it is mentioned that there are “bugs, the usual ones, many bugs. We will let you enjoy them as is, instead of fixing them, we will launch some new skins“.

Clownfield 2042 parodia de Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042: entertaining but far from the best Battlefield

Battlefield 2042 is a compliant game that will be enjoyable for lovers of the saga but that needs more time to be able to exploit its full potential which, to this day, is far from its best level “, we have in his analysis. “We have no doubt that Battlefield 2042 It comes out sooner than it should, because it is a game with a lot of potential that still needs a few months of development to reach its maximum level “. You can know more with our guide to Battlefield 2042.

Clownfield 2042 parodia de Battlefield 2042

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