Friday, July 1

BlackWind will have physical format on PlayStation 5 • Console and Dashboard

BlackWind It is a ‘hack and slash’ with highlights and large doses of action. It is run by Drakkar Dev. As developer, and Blowfish Studios and Gamera Game, as publishers, who have taken the step of betting on the physical format. The distribution in Spain will be handled by Meridiem Games.


We are facing a science fiction game that places us in the middle of an alien invasion. The aliens shoot down a starship, called Pandora, in which James Hawkins, the protagonist, travels. This teenager was inside a prototype military armor. Because of the destruction caused, he remains trapped inside.

With no time to take over all the controls, combat and action await you. Is fight or die. To make matters worse, James searches for his father, who has disappeared. He will have to destroy many enemies, helping himself with the possibility of evolving the suit.

With a complete skill tree, we will learn new attacks to, logically, wreak more havoc on enemies. As a faithful companion of adventures, we have a drone housed in the armor with which to explore and thus expand our range of action.

This drone allows us to access the local cooperative mode. One player will control the armor and another the drone itself. This title is scheduled to arrive for the January 21st in physical format, compatible with PlayStation 5.

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