Tuesday, July 5

Antena 3 and Pedroche unseat RTVE for the first time in Las Campanadas

El surrealist dress Cristina Pedroche placeholder image it has achieved its effect. After all, Antenna 3 has approached the hearings of TVE, the chain reigns in the Chimes, without exceeding them. Until the New Years Eve of the year 2022. On December 31, the hearing of Pedroche and Alberto Chicote It was 33.7 percent, with a total of 6,308,000 viewers.

Cristina Pedroche, naked? at the Puerta del Sol

How could it be otherwise, the point of maximum audience was in the bells themselves. In that instant, Antenna 3 agglutin a 7,534,000 viewers, 37.9 percent of the quota. Last year, the same network had 773,000 fewer people watching the broadcast.

The 1 of TVE presented more restrained figures in its edition of the Bells of 2021. Specifically, the space led by Anne Igartiburu and Jacob Petrus was the second ranked of the night with 22.4 percent of the audience and 4.185.000 viewers. I lost almost two million compared to last year.

The podium completes it Telecinco, with Joaqun Prat and Paz Padilla, with 1,421,000 viewers. In fourth place is The sixth, with Dani Mateo and his surprising suit next to Cristina Pardo, which caught 1,1173 people in front of the screen, surpassing its figures by 41,000 compared to the previous edition.

Finally, La2 did not reach the million (888,000) and Four it was the least watched state channel (195,000). As for the regional chains, the podium is made up of TV3 (986.000), Channel On (482,000) and Canary TV (461.000).


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