Saturday, June 25

Ancelotti’s Madrid will see the ghosts of 2021 and 2015

Nor there is a judge, Ancelotti already announced it in his presentation, like the grass, which always ends up putting you in your place. Because In Getafe he applied the easiest punishment to this type of team to Real Madrid, a band-aid of humility. Ancelotti’s are not the alarm clock and when they woke up, without even opening both eyes, it was too late.

Lazy as you linger in bed on Sunday mornings, no one represented that mix of physical presence and mental absence like Militao, which left its first error since it was installed on the lite. He trusted himself as if he were in the garden at home and His team paid dearly for it, unable to overcome a more than avoidable goal.

But the Brazilian’s mistake was not the only negligence of the afternoon. Shortly afterwards, he was also distracted Alaba it is included Courteous He did something weird on that same play. Lucas Vzquez turned the imprecision machine back on and Mendy he attacked with his eyes closed.

A housemiro I weigh Christmas as the season is weighing him down and neither Asensio nor Rodrygo justified Hazard’s substitution most promising in a long time. With the wings cut off by the limitations of the sides and the lethargy of the ends, only Kroos, Benzema and, above all, a Modric who does not let a no longer to renew until 2023, but until he wants.

After holding out at San Mams with 14 first-team players, the bad hangover on New Year’s Eve forces us to react. With the Super Cup looming so early on the calendar, January is now harder and longer. And in 2021 it was already suffered for him and for this, with the eliminations against Athletic and, in the Cup, Alcoyano. In Alcoy there is precisely the opportunity to scare away any ghost, from last year and from the plummeting fall of 2015 …

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