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22 games of 2022 – Forspoken

Standing out with an open world game nowadays is not exactly an easy task, since the market is full of titles of this type and sometimes it can give the feeling that everything is invented and that the same schemes are repeated over and over. time. However, this has not prevented Forspoken, formerly known as Project Athia, to become one of the most interesting and promising titles of the coming year, capturing our interest since its very announcement.

Magic and parkour in a different world

  • Study: Luminous Productions
  • Publishing company: Square Enix
  • Platforms: PS5, PC
  • Release date: May 24, 2022

Being a little more specific, This new work from Luminous Productions will offer us an adventure of role-playing and action in the open world in which we will play Frey Holland, a young orphan who is on the brink of depression as she tries to survive in our society and find her place in life. However, on a day like any other and for unknown reasons, our protagonist is drawn into a different world in which magic is something very real. In fact, it will not take long for him to discover that in this dimension he is capable of casting powerful and varied spells, which he will need to face the dangerous creatures that populate these lands, which are being ravaged by a strange plague that consumes and transforms everything to his liking. He passed.

While things do not look too bright for the inhabitants of this kingdom, it is up to us to make a difference and restore hope to a doomed world, something that In the playable it will be equivalent to living a great adventure in which we must complete missions, level up, improve our character and learn new spells.

Probably one of the most striking aspects of the game we have in what Square Enix itself has described as “parkour mgico“, thanks to which our heroine will be able to move with great dynamism throughout her gigantic map while taking enormous jumps, using hitch points to propel herself and running with superhuman speed, which promises to make our trips a truly unique experience and satisfactory that aims to make the difference between Forspoken and other open world titles.

We will have another of its key points in its combat system. As we said, Frey is a pure mage, so all battles will be based on the use of spells., which can be of all kinds. In this way, we can launch powerful elemental attacks from a distance, summon magic weapons with which to defend ourselves melee and even place traps on the stage that give us a tactical advantage. In addition, many spells have various synergies between them and will allow us to execute devastating and spectacular combos if we know how to combine them.

Evidently, the parkour It will also play a very important role during the confrontations, something that we must master to survive the storms that are generated from time to time and that bring with them very lethal monsters and colossal bosses that promise to make things very difficult for us.

Another reason why it is one of our most anticipated games of 2022 we have it in its graphic section, since It will be a completely exclusive title of the new generation which will only be released on PC and PlayStation 5, which promises to translate into one of the biggest audiovisual shows of the coming months and a new sample of what the new platforms can give themselves. Apparently in trilers and videos of gameplayThings like textures, patterning, draw distance, lighting, and visuals are all set too high. Also, have a performance mode so that we can play at 60 fps.

There are still many unknowns to clear about this new Square Enix production, but It is one of the ones that best paint us and the ones that we most want to take the glove of of all those announced for 2022, so now you just have to keep track of it and cross your fingers so that it lives up to expectations and delivers on everything it promises. Get it? In a few months we will know.

22 games of 2022

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